Decisive US response to the incident with “Shaheed”: Romania will provide new weapons

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A decisive US response to the

Photo: edition.cnn .com

The United States of America plans to transfer additional fighter jets to Romania in the near future to strengthen NATO's air control missions.

This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Romania.

As the NATO Secretary General stated on Thursday, the Alliance has significantly strengthened its presence in the Black Sea region. For us, the safety of our citizens is of primary importance, especially those who live in areas where the Russian Federation has carried out brutal attacks on Ukrainian civilian ports.

The department reports that US Ambassador to Romania Kathleen Kavalek during a meeting with the minister Romanian Defense Minister Angelom Tilvar said that the United States wants to continue providing assistance to Romania to more effectively defend its national territory.

In particular, by deploying several US Air Force combat aircraft to the country to strengthen NATO's air control missions.< /p>

Defense Minister Tilvar, for his part, said that Romania has taken additional security measures in the border zone, strengthened monitoring and airspace protection. , which Russia launched at the Izmail Port in Odesa, fell and detonated in Romania.

Later, the Ministry of Defense of Romania stated that the Russian UAVs that fell on their territory today did not pose a direct military threat to them .

After that, Ukraine declared that it had photo evidence of the fall of Shahed drones on the territory of Romania during a massive air attack by the Russian Federation. Then, for the second time, Romania denied the fall of Russian drones on the territory of the country.

< p>Later, Romanian Defense Minister Angel Tilvar confirmed that the wreckage of a Russian drone was found on the territory of the country.

In addition, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said that if it is confirmed that parts of the Russian drone are on Romanian territory , it will be a "serious violation".

On September 6, the country's Ministry of Defense said that after the latest Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports on the Danube and the fall of the “Shaheeds” on the Romanian side, Romania will strengthen airspace protection.

On September 7, NATO reacted to Romania's statement that a Russian drone could have fallen on its territory. The Alliance noted that they continue to closely monitor the situation and maintain contact with their ally Romania.

Prepared by Serhiy Daga