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The Quebec Press Council considers that host Anne-Marie Dussault failed in her duty of accuracy

Dé decision of the Quebec Press Council regarding an interview on the show 24/60

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Press Council decision


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In a decision transmitted on 29 November 2023, the Press Council retains the complaints of Nicolas Tremblay, Michel Sigouin, Michel Côté as well as eight complainants in support targeting the segment “Firearms: the debate is relaunched” of the program 24/60, broadcast on December 5 2022.

To discuss Bill C-21, host Anne-Marie Dussault received the president of the Aventure Chasse Pêche group, Martin Bourget – who defends the point of view of certain hunters – as well as Nathalie Provost, survivor of the massacre of Polytechnique, member of the Coalition for Gun Control and spokesperson for PolySeSouvient.

Several complainants considered that Ms. Dussault had reported inaccurate information by attributing to her first guest, Martin Bourget, comments that he did not make, while she spoke with Nathalie Provost in a second interview, a few minutes later.

The Quebec Press Council upholds the complaint of inaccurate information, because it judges that Anne-Marie Dussault contravened the article 9 a) of the Journalistic Ethics Guide (from the Quebec Press Council).

He blames the host Anne-Marie Dussault and the ICI RDI network.

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Complaints of incomplete information, bias and lack of fairness were rejected.

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