Decided to liquidate the national film archive

Decided to liquidate the national film archive

It was decided to liquidate the national film archive

The Ukrainian State Film Agency ordered the reorganization of Dovzhenko- Center”, which means the liquidation of the national film archive.

According to the press service of the Dovzhenko Center, all films from the collection and property of the Dovzhenko Center must be transferred to the State Institution “Scientific Center for Cinematography of Ukraine”, the main activity of which, according to the EDRPOU, is “higher education”.

The State Enterprise “Ukrainian Animation Studio” should be separated from the structure of the Center, to which the copyrights for Ukrainian animation, which now belong to the Center, will be transferred. Employees of the Center must be notified of a possible dismissal.

"Thus, Goskino instructs the de facto“sleeping” an institution that has not carried out any activity since its foundation in the time of Yanukovych in 2011, does not have staff, relevant competencies, a website, etc.,” the Center noted.

The reorganization order does not mention the film archive and the museum collection of the Dovzhenko Center, which are part of the state archival and museum funds of Ukraine, respectively, and are subject to separate legislation.

Neither in the preamble of the order, nor in the public communication of the State Film Agency did not justify such a decision.

“The transfer of the collection of the national film archive with a high reputation in the world to a fake institution – a huge blow to the international image of the Ukrainian authorities, and especially during the war, when Ukraine is fighting for its own identity in blood, has signs of an encroachment on national memory and can be considered an undermining of statehood and a betrayal of national interests”, – according to the press release.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich