Deaths from coronavirus in Russia is growing

Cмертность от коронавируса в России растет — the Incidence Covid-19 in Russia is kept below 9 thousand the second day, but the mortality rate is increasing.

According to the operational headquarters, the last day 8894 identified a new case of coronavirus, of which 42,2% had no clinical manifestations of the disease. Hospital discharged 7144 person.

While a record number of deaths: the deaths of 150 people. On the eve of the death toll was 127 people. On Wednesday, Moscow mayor Sobyanin said that the mortality rate from coronavirus in Moscow in may were higher than they were in April. The average number of severe and very severe patients in hospitals is around 1,700, and the number has remained constant for the last three weeks, said Sobyanin.

The largest number of cases COVID-19 for the day still was in Moscow — 2 988, in the suburbs — 824, in Saint-Petersburg — 389, in the Nizhny Novgorod region 202, in Krasnoyarsk region — 150, in the Rostov region — 138, in the Sverdlovsk region — 135.

Just today in Russia revealed 326 448 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. For the entire period recorded 3249 deaths, recovered 99 825 people.

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