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Death of police officer Shelby Patton: “Our family fell apart” ;, deplores his mother

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Officer Shelby Patton, 26, was killed after being struck by a stolen truck in Manitoba. (File photo)


The victim's impact statement was presented Friday during the sentencing hearing of #x27;a Winnipeg man who ran over Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer Shelby Patton more than two years ago. The judge will make the sentencing decision later.

On June 12, 2021, during a traffic stop in Wolseley, southeastern Saskatchewan, police officer Shelby Patton died after being struck by a stolen truck while attempting to to intercept the latter.

During her testimony in court, the mother of the 26-year-old police officer, Melanie Patton, claimed that x27;she had been devastated by the loss of her only son.

Nothing is the same anymore. Our family fell apart. […] The meetings are small and quiet, and I dread the holidays.

A quote from Melanie Patton, mother of police officer Shelby Patton

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The family of Constable Shelby Patton during the tribute paid to the young man in Wolseley, Saskatchewan. From left to right: Matthew Zimroz, Kaela Patton, Ashley Patton and Melanie Patton. (File photo)

Prosecutor Adam Breker presented the victim impact statement on Friday on behalf of Shelby Patton's wife, Mari Grobler.

In this statement, Ms. Grobler expresses her ongoing fears related to vehicle noise, her difficulty leaving her home, and her descent into depression.

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In addition, it was unable to resume operation of its personal training company.

Depression and anxiety over loss of Shelby Patton caused severe chest pain, writes Mari Grobler in her statement. I see a psychologist every two weeks and expect to do so for many years.

Prosecutor Adam Breker believes that the driver of the truck, Alphonse Stanley Traverse, should be sentenced to life in prison, given that he deliberately took the road knowingly after having committed a serious act.

Mr. Brewer emphasizes that the murder of a police officer should carry a harsher sentence, due to the widespread and fundamental impact these professionals have on society.

Defense attorney Matthew Gould argued that while Shelby Patton's death is devastating, the 41-year-old did not know his actions would result in the death of the police officer.

Whatever happened to [Shelby Patton], it doesn't change the accidental nature of what happened, Matthew Gould said.

According to the latter, Alphonse Stanley Traverse suffered intergenerational trauma. He was abused at a day school and in a foster home.

In a statement presented to the court, Deputy Commissioner and Commanding Officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP, Rhonda Blackmore, spoke of the difficult time she had to inform Mari Grobler of the death of her husband.

She knew something was seriously wrong. However, when I announced that Shelby Patton was no longer there, I saw her world collapse, says Rhonda Blackmore.

In my 28 years as a police officer, I have made many notifications to next of kin, and they are all difficult and tragic for the family who receives the news of the death of a loved one, she adds. . But this time it was different for me. It was much more personal. A young man was called in to try to apprehend the individuals responsible for stealing the vehicle, doing exactly what he has always done as a professional.

Last year, Alphonse Stanley Traverse pleaded guilty to manslaughter and vehicle theft.

The court heard that the officer asked Alphonse Stanley Traverse to get out of the truck and that when Traverse started the vehicle to leave, Shelby Patton got on the running board and reached out to take the keys.

Shelby Patton worked at the Indian Head RCMP detachment in Saskatchewan.

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