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Death of police officer Maureen Breau: SQ pointed out finger by the CNESST

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Sergeant of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) Maureen Breau died in service, at the age 42.


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In its intervention report concerning the death of on-duty police officer Maureen Breau last March in Louiseville, the Commission on Standards, Equity, occupational health and safety (CNESST) noted four non-compliances with the law, according to the president of the Association of Quebec Provincial Police Officers (APPQ), Jacques Painchaud, who had access to the report, before its official publication.

Among the deficiencies observed, the risk assessment was noted by the CNESST, during a planned or unplanned intervention.

When you already have information about a call, it is important to do a risk assessment. Currently, there is a risk assessment form for investigation services, but nothing is adapted for patrol, so it is recommended to create an analysis grid for these cases, explains Mr. Painchaud.

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Jacques Painchaud, president of the Association of Provincial Police Officers of Quebec.

For unplanned interventions, more training would be necessary, particularly for management stress, responding to sources of danger and improving decision-making, adds the police officer.

The third exemption identified by the Commission concerns the training and maintenance of skills of patrol officers, according to Mr. Painchaud, who cites as an example a police officer who received training on the use of force 10 years ago, while practices have changed.

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The supervision of patrol officers, therefore the supervising sergeants, is also problematic. It is clear that they must have training, he asserts as the fourth non-compliance.

Each exemption is linked to the Article 51 of the Occupational Health and Safety Actwhich stipulates that the employer must take the necessary measures to protect the health and ensure the safety and physical and psychological integrity of the worker.

Since this is an intervention report, the CNESST does not review the factual background of the events leading to the death of Maureen Breau, but rather notes the dangers and risky work situations.

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Maureen Breau died on March 27, 2023 during a police intervention in a Louiseville home.

The CNESST still forces the parties involved to create an action plan by January 21 2024 to respond to the four notices of exemption.

The Sûreté du Québec says it has taken note of the recommendations and is already in action.

The need is so great. We have an explosion in the number of calls. It is extremely important, necessary and urgent for the organization to establish an action plan, maintains Mr. Painchaud

L The public inquiry into the death of Maureen Breau is scheduled to begin in February 2024.

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