Death of Pierre Coriolan: Will Guilbault react?

Death of Pierre Coriolan: Will Guilbault react?

Almost a year after the start of the investigation into the death of Pierre Coriolan, the League of Rights and Freedoms said it was dismayed by the inaction of Minister Geneviève Guilbault to have a regulation adopted so that the State takes in charge of the legal costs of the family.

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“It has been almost 8 years since the State has shied away from its duty to guarantee fair and equitable legal representation to the families of those killed during police interventions. By her inaction since taking office in October 2018, Minister Guilbault has outright let down the family of Mr. Coriolan. It’s a real shame! ”, Declared the spokesperson for the League of Rights and Freedoms (LDL), Lynda Khelil, on Friday.

The organization then asked for the adoption of this regulation so that the family receives financial support by the fourth week of hearings.

“The rapid adoption of this regulation is all the more important given that we know that another public inquiry must also take place in 2021, this time on the death of Mr. Koray Kevin Celik, killed by the SPVM during a police intervention at his home in 2017, ”added the spokesperson.

The League of Rights and Freedoms had also announced last August that the City of Montreal would have spent $ 190,000 for the representation of the police officers involved while the family would have received $ 5,000 in aid.

“This clearly demonstrates the staggering disproportion that exists between the strong support the state gives to police officers and the lack of consideration, respect and support for the families of those killed at the hands of state agents.” , said Mme Khelil.

The coroner’s public inquest into the death of Mr. Coriolan in 2017 during an intervention by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) will resume on January 18 for a third week of hearings.

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