Death of Hillary Castro's abuser in TransMilenio: these are the three hypotheses considered by the authorities

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At the moment, the authorities have not confirmed the cause of Juan Pablo González's death, but they are working on the possibility of natural death, homicide and suicide < /h2>

Death of Hillary Castro's abuser in TransMilenio: these are the three hypotheses considered by the authorities

Juan Pablo González Gómez died while he was detained at the Paloquemado URI

Hillary Castro's case set an important precedent in the Colombian capital. After the complaint made by the young woman on social networks about an abuse she was a victim of at the TransMilenio station and the negligence of the authorities to process the process, a lot of events were generated that ended with the arrest of the alleged abuser, Juan Pablo Gonzalez.

However, the story, which seemed to take a positive course and mark a milestone in this type of case, was tainted with the death of the aggressor inside the Puente Aranda URI over the weekend. According to preliminary versions around 4:40 p.m. the defendant was found dead.

The strange facts began to be investigated by the Attorney General's Office, which at first did not give many details of the facts; but after a few days some theories have begun to be created to explain it.

According to Blu Radio, the unofficial versions are three, taking into account the blows that the aggressor had on his body when he was found. On the one hand, and the one that has been most welcomed by the authorities, is a possible suicide, after the pressure of what was to come and being a subject with some history for the same crime of abuse.< /p>

However, the facts were recently revealed, the Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Aníbal Fernández de Soto, in an interview with the Colombian radio station said that González's death would have been a natural death, apparently the man would have convulsed and suffered a stroke that finally ended his life.

“Terrible, he was accused of sexual harassment to a minor. At the end of the afternoon he was found dead in the Puente Aranda URI. The information we have, at the moment, is that he had some type of seizure, arrest. The reason why this is generated is still not very well known. He lost his life. There is an investigation that the CTI of the Prosecutor's Office has already started, immediately the events occur. We are waiting for an autopsy to be able to clearly determine the cause of death,” the official said at the time.

The latest version and for which an investigation was even opened by González's death is due to homicide, since the body was found with polytraumatisms and the first impressions could coincide with the fact that after a beating he died.

The case of Hilary Castro

The case had a quick response after the victim, Hilary Castro, denounced through of his social networks the sexual violence he experienced at La Castellana station on the night of October 31. With the viralization of her experience, there were several demonstrations showing her indignation at the revictimization that the minor also pointed out.

“I was on route B12 and I got off at La Castellana station. I saw that a man got off at the same station and began to look everywhere; he proceeds to take something out of the suitcase, ”said the minor. She started to walk faster, but she didn't find any authority that could help her. Hilary Castro gave him everything she had after he threatened her with a knife.

“He took me behind the station, proceeded to pull down his pants and forced me” to perform sexual acts on him.

The situation did not go unnoticed by two young people who passed through the area and ended up giving him their support. The victim tried to report what had happened, but she did not receive attention at the Immediate Reaction Unit (URI) of 38 or at the Ricaurte headquarters. She also called the TransMilenio line, but it was not enabled.

Although the Secretariat for Women attended Castro, that only happened after she reported her case and went viral on social media. Likewise, the victim complained on her Instagram account, since the capture of her alleged abuser was known first by the news than by the authorities themselves: “The last people to know were my family and I.”

Neither the National Police nor the Prosecutor's Office contacted the minor. “How can you tell that what they want is a 'boom', news, to generate that impact that they are doing something and clear the name of the Police,” he added.