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Death of Daniel Langlois: two suspects appear

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Jonathan Lehrer (center of the photo) upon his arrival at the court in Roseau, capital of Dominica.

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Five days after the discovery of the bodies of Quebec businessman and philanthropist Daniel Langlois and his wife, two suspects appeared at the Roseau court in Dominica, a small Caribbean island.

Jonathan Lehrer and Robert Snyder, two American citizens, were formally charged with the murders of Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchand. The hearing lasted approximately three minutes and the two suspects did not have to enter a plea at this time.

Robert Snyder showed burn marks on one arm and one leg.

According to local sources, Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchand, who had been established for a long time in Dominica, where they built a luxury hotel, would have been killed in an ambush on Friday by a hitman who then allegedly set fire to the couple's vehicle with the bodies inside.

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The bodies of Mr. Langlois and Ms. Marchand were discovered in the wreckage their vehicle burned on Friday, December 1.

However, the individual would have injured himself when lighting the fire and this would have allowed the police to trace the trail back to him and subsequently to Mr. Langlois' neighbor, Jonathan Lehrer, with whom he had been in dispute for several years.

So far, four people have been arrested in connection with this case. We do not yet know the status of the two other people accused, as well as the motives surrounding these murders, the police remaining discreet regarding the progress of their investigation.

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The next appearance of both defendants is scheduled for spring 2024.

With information from Yanik Dumont Baron

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