Death of Bertrand-Kamal (Koh Lanta, the 4 lands) from cancer

Death of Bertrand-Kamal (Koh Lanta, the 4 lands) from cancer

Death of Bertrand-Kamal (Koh Lanta, the 4 lands) from cancer

Bertrand-Kamal Loudrhiri (Koh Lanta, the 4 lands) died of his cancer A few days ago, the candidate from Koh Lanta, the 4 lands on TF1 announced that he had fallen ill after the shooting. Bertrand-Kamal Loudrhiri was indeed suffering from cancer. A disease he fought against before tragically passing away. A close friend broke the sad news and paid tribute to it.

Bertrand-Kamal Loudrhiri is deceased

Sad news. This Wednesday, September 9, 2020, Bertrand-Kamal Loudrhiri died of the consequences of his cancer. A disease that he had recently revealed in the pages of the Good Public. The adventurer who was in the East team in Koh Lanta, the 4 lands on TF1 had confessed: “It will inevitably be known” so “I prefer to say it. I have no shame with that” . Despite his fight against cancer, the candidate of the game animated by Denis Brogniart ended up succumbing to the disease at only 30 years old.

It was a close friend of his, Kenza who announced this terrible news on Twitter. In her tweet, she said about her friend: “You will remain my brother. You will be left with what your magnificent journey gave you and especially you in Koh Lanta. May Allah open the doors to you. Paradise and soothe our pain. Thank God I was able to be at your side for your last breaths, rest in peace “ .

“Your last words will forever be etched in my memory”

On his Instagram account, Kenza also clarified that he was able to be present in the last moments of Bertrand-Kamal. And she will remember her last statements: “Your last words will forever remain etched in my memory and my heart, like the chance to have met you. I loved you I love you I will love you. Rest in peace now. You marked your passage on earth. You were just formidable and unbeatable “.

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