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Deadpool & Wolverine: this actress from the films with Hugh Jackman speaks about a cameo

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

The release of Deadpool & Wolverineis getting closer, and fans are wondering what surprises await them in this third and final installment of the adventures of the loudmouth Mercenary. The Mutant Returns claws incarnate by Hugh Jackman will it be accompanied by one or morecameos from his trilogy? One of the stars of the Fox films was questioned at this subject,discover his confidences below.

Deadpool & Wolverine: this actress from the films with Hugh Jackman speaks about a cameo

This Logan Star Responds to Cameo Rumors inDeadpool 3

In Agrave Barely two months later, fans of the gory and enjoyable universe of Deadpool will finally find their favorite (anti) hero. in dark rooms.On July 24, the MCU's most iconoclastic Mercenary will be back for new adventures that promise to be epic. Accompanied of Wolverine, camp by a more muscular Hugh Jackman; than ever, he will cross paths with several characters from the Marvel universe. If unfortunately, these two actors from the previous Deadpool have confirmed that their protagonists will not be at home; the poster for the sequel, all hope is not lost regarding Laura, the young heroine of Logan. Dafne Keen, who played X-23 in the 2017 film, was cast as questioned by our colleagues at about its chances of appearing in Deadpool 3.

Deadpool & Wolverine: this actress from the films with Hugh Jackman speaks about a cameo

What comes to mind is first of all what comes to mind. how cool is it that something is so big that it infiltrates and influences other projects. [And] How cool it is to have been able to be a part of something whose legacy is so great that, almost 10 years later, I still get asked questions about it. this subject. It's just huge.

Even if this rather evasive declaration does not ensure that Dafne Keen will be there. the poster forDeadpool & Wolverine, nor that she won't be there, she proves à to what extent the actress is attached to her character Laura. Grateful for what this character brought her; as an actress, she doesn't seem against the idea of ​​reprising her role…

And you, what do you think?

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