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Deadpool & Wolverine: for an optimal experience, Shawn Levy gives you this advice

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul7,2024

This is the event film of this summer. and certainly from this year: Deadpool & Wolverine. It must be said that fans are waiting to discover what Ryan Reynolds has in store for them for this third opus which, for the first time, will be part of the MCU. In addition to the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the film provides a number of surprises. And to make the most of it, director Shawn Levy has just shared this advice before the release of his film.

Deadpool & Wolverine: for an optimal experience, Shawn Levy gives you this advice

Deadpool & Wolverine promises to be insane

It's a film that promises to be exceptional: Deadpool & Wolverine. Indeed, this third part of the adventures of Deadpool campé by Ryan Reynolds enters the MCU. In addition, the actor and the public will find Hugh Jackman who decided to to be part of it and put on his Wolverine costume and claws again. But Deadpool 3 will also be the first Rated-R film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio is banking heavily on this production which will also be the one and only to be released. coming out this year. This opus seems to be well on track to be a hit at the box office.

A few days before the film's release, promotion is intensifying. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are doing more interviews. Very recently the actor who plays Wade Wilson teased this surprise with his sidekick. But that's not all because the actor still teased the appearance of this immense singer who could well play a character eagerly awaited by fans.

Deadpool & Wolverine: for an optimal experience, Shawn Levy gives you this advice< /p>

Deadpool 3 director shares this advice with fans

The pair aren't the only ones to worry. raise (even more) the hype aroundDeadpool & Wolverine. Marvel has predicted that a lot will happen there. In any case, this is what Shawn Levy has just declared in an interview with SFX magazine.. The film's director announces that there will be “ten billion” incredible moments that will blow away moviegoers.

Deadpool & Wolverine: for an optimal experience, Shawn Levy gives you this advice

Indeed, the director explains that he and Ryan Reynolds have planned so many hilarious scenes that the audience will laugh and prevent themselves from hearing the dialogue properly. This is the experience that Shawn Levy had with the actor in the editing room. When he made the remark to the actor, the latter retorted: :

Great, spectators will still have to see the film.

So if you haven't heard the many jokes that risk being ;be very gritty due to the Rated-R classification or if you missed it. the multiple references, you might as well follow the filmmaker's advice to find out more. know to go to several times see Deadpool 3.

In the meantime, the first session for Deadpool & Wolverine that you can do for yourself, çit will be on July 24.

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