Deadpool 3: this characteristic of the villain of the film opens the door to all the gritty jokes

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Deadpool will return to our dark rooms for new adventures that we hope will be as gory and enjoyable as the previous ones, and he will be accompanied by for this of Wolverine. A tandem that promises its share of bloody fights and well-felt punchlines, especially knowing the complicity that unites Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman! And according to a new casting rumor about which villain these two anti-heroes will face,the gritty jokes are going to keep coming… tells you more about it later in this article.

Deadpool 3: This Movie Villain Feature Opens The Door For Everyone the gritty jokes

an exciting casting rumor

In 2016, in the first Deadpool, the mercenary fights and kills Ajax, the man who disfigured him; by giving him his powers.In the sequel, released in 2018, he allies himself with other mutants and assembles the X-Force team, saving Russell from the director of the orphanage who traumatized him. A fine track record for this vigilante like no other, and which is not over, since he will return in November 2024 to explode even more skulls in the cinema. If we still know very little about the content of this sequel, according to Daniel Richtman, who regularly posts scoops on his site, Patreon, Wade Wilson could be faced with a villain!

Deadpool 3: This movie villain feature opens the door to all the gritty jokes

According to him, Marvel Studios wants to hire a “woman in the role of villain” aged about thirty, forty or fifty years old, who will act as a “leader and opponent of “Deadpool and Wolverine.” The production is also reportedly looking for a male lead role BIPOC (an acronym referring to Black People, Indigenous Peoples and People of Color), described as a “strong actor” who “could [also] do comedy” and who “will have scenes with Ryan [Reynolds] and Hugh [Jackman].” As you can imagine, this information should be taken with a grain of salt and has not been confirmed by Marvel Studios or Disney. Nevertheless, this choice of antagonist for our notoriously vulgar hero would have the opportunity to provide him with a fresh tank of dirty jokes! After all, it is his specialty to make fun of everything and to make fun even (and especially) of what one is not supposed to make fun of which makes the charm of Deadpool… And you, would you like to see it affro nter a woman in this suite?