Deadly shooting on a neighborhood soccer field left three dead and two injured in Chile

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It happened in the La Florida district of Santiago. More than 70 shots were fired

Deadly shooting on a neighborhood soccer field left three dead and two injured in Chile

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Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Deadly shooting in a neighborhood soccer field left three dead and two injured in Chile

The police and the authorities were present at the scene of the shooting to investigate what happened. (Image source: Christian Borcoski | RadioBioBio)

A shootingon a soccer field left three people dead and two injured in Chile.

The case occurred in the commune of La Florida, in Santiago, specifically in Lircay square. While a sports activity was taking place in this place, a vehicle arrived from which more than 70 shots were fired. Police suspect an automatic weapon was used in the shooting.

Prosecutor Anatole Larrabeiti explained that at the time of the events “some people were sharing and another group arrived in a vehicle, between six and seven subjects.”

“When they reach them, they get off, two on one side of the sidewalk, two or three on the other side and others stay in that vehicle. Together, these three subgroups attack the people who were in the square, all of them being shot down by 9-millimeter weapons.”

The persecutor assured that one of the deceased had 19 bullet wounds. The fatal victims were residents of the sector and one of them would be a municipal official of the commune.

Sub-prefect Marcelo Rivera of the Homicide Brigade of the Metropolitan Region of the Investigative Police ( PDI), said that “the deceased with the injured people would have had nothing to do with the sporting event.” Those responsible fled and are wanted by the police.


The shooting has caused an impact in the country because in less than 24 hours six murders were registered for various situations in the area of ​​the capital of Chile.

The presidential delegate of the Metropolitan Region, Constanza Martínez, announced that the government will file a criminal complaint against those responsible for this shooting.

“Unfortunately, this event has already had three fatalities and for this reason, we are going to work in coordination with the Investigative Police and Carabineros who, without a doubt, carry out fundamental work to find those responsible and put an end to the feeling of impunity.” p>

The mayor of Florida, Rodolfo Carter, said that “this is simply resolved when criminals begin to feel afraid to pull out a firearm. And these criminals who committed this crime today should not have done it in the first place out of fear”, and that those who shoot “know that nothing happens today, they know that pulling out a gun and killing three people is nothing. They know that nothing happens when facing a Carabineros patrol either.”

The Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, spoke to the community and assured that “they have the certainty that we are going to continue persevering in providing more security to Chileans, and that is why we are intensifying the work with our police and the prosecution.”

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