De-occupation brigades started to form in Ukraine – Klymenko

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In Ukraine, brigades for de-occupation began to form, – Klymenko


The Ministry of Internal Affairs began to form assault brigades. Їkhnіm zavdannyam bude zvіlnennya territoriy vіd russian occupiers. head of the MVS Igor Klimenko on the air of the telethon.

Behind these words, the decision about the creation of assault brigades was praised by the practitioners of the MVS system, “they have enough fierceness to undermine the enemy.” Under the circumstances of many military servicemen, they initiated the recruitment of people to such a rate.

"For this reason, a decision was made that all of them, some of them are bazha, some are patriots, some have spent houses or others through war, about' join the same brigades. We have already begun to form such pіdrozdіli, as if they were aimed at those who would strengthen our territories and positions on the international recognition of the cordoni. This is our closest meta", – stating Klimenko.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga  

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