De live Zhanna Badoeva is the one who earns a living

De live Zhanna Badoeva is the one who earns a living

The Ukrainian presenter and director Zhanna Badoeva became the home of the project “Eagle and Tails”, if she became the presenter of the first seasons, together with her man, a cult producer and director of clips Alan Badoevim.

De live Zhanna Badoeva and chim earn a living

Why Zhanna Badoeva talk about war

Zhanna was born at the Lithuanian town of Mazeikiai, and if she grew up she came to Kiev, and then she learned to practice in Ukraine. Under the hour of study at the University Zhanna zustrila Alan Badoev. Their history is so spun, that the couple lived a lot of lives with a mother and two children, a donka and a son, as well as a lot of creative projects and garni stosunka donina.

If Alan Badoev said that Zhanna is the only woman, I am so much a cohav. And remember that Badoeva already has another person, Alan warmly talks about the excess. Natomist after the cob of a full-scale war, Alan did not comment on anything about Jeanne, but also information that Badoeva lives in Russia and works in the country of the aggressor. She didn’t change her profession, so she lost her TV presenter.

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It seems that Zhanna went to tell fortunes about the country for a long time, to that she respected that she herself had come there її zirkovy hour. For an hour the woman lived behind the cordon, and herself in Italy, prote in her instagram profile, the leader indicated the Russian number of the agent for spivpraci, also a permanent place of residence, still a fortune teller of the country.

So Zhanna for the first time ever spoke about the war in Ukraine. There was no such thing as a single post in history in social networks, but Badoeva also reached the zirok-spiders. One thing, at once you know about Badoev, that she came on the cob of spring to the Batkivshchina to Lithuania, and yet, together with a person, you know there, but as soon as you need to turn to Russia, it’s unbelievable that Zhanna took up her position. It is possible that you don’t want to send a stosunka with a lot of people in that country, like її goodє, but maybe the reason is more glib.