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DDR6 memory will be twice as fast as the fastest DDR5 modules

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

Pam&rsquo DDR6 will be twice as fast as the fastest DDR5 modules

DDR5 standard memory has been released in 2020, but DDR4 can still be used with new CPU and motherboard models. Meanwhile, JEDEC is already working on the next version of PC memory technology, which should be a big step forward if recent rumors are true.

DDR6 RAM modules undergo significant internal changes that provide unprecedented speed. According to a recently leaked presentation from RAM controller manufacturer Synopsys, DDR6 modules will debut at 8.8Gbps and could eventually reach speeds of 17,600 MT/s, potentially expanding to a theoretical limit of 21,000 MT/s.< /p>

The fastest desktop DDR5 modules currently available offer a data transfer rate of 8400 MT/s (DDR5-8400), although faster modules are expected in the future. A JEDEC presentation posted by user Darkmont confirms that the organization is working on DDR6, but it still has to choose between PAM or NRZ signaling modes.

DDR6 chips will work differently than previous generations, using two 12-bit data channels instead of the traditional 16-bit channels per module. Although the transmission channels will be already, DDR6 modules will work faster, for example, a single DDR6-17600 module can potentially achieve an effective bandwidth of 47 gigabytes per second.

The first revised JEDEC DDR6 standard is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2025, including LPDDR6 for portable systems. The LPDDR5 standard is five years old, and the next generation of low-power PC memory is expected to be slower than desktop RAM modules.

Although the DDR6 standard may be finalized next year, PC builders and manufacturers will likely have to wait a while longer to adopt the new technology. Intel is usually ready to update its platforms much earlier than AMD, but the upcoming Arrow Lake and Panther Lake architectures will likely continue to use DDR5 modules.

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