DC: the Dark Knight will face this terrifying new enemy

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Last month, we unveiled this creation of Batman, which is probably among one of the most formidable ever invented by the Dark Knight. And more recently, DC Comics fans discovered that the city of Gotham was going to have to deal with a… a whole new threat, a very powerful old family, but also a terrifying new creature.

DC: The Dark Knight will face this terrifying new enemy

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DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers for Detective Comics #1065, if you're going to read it, read no further.

dc's werewolf by night ?

In the latest issues of the DC comic book series, titled Detective Comics, Batman is confronted with to new enemies as disturbing as they are mysterious. Indeed, readers have become acquainted with the Orgham family, the latter having very strong historical ties to the city of Gotham at the time, and sharing a history and a lineage with some of the oldest monuments in Gotham. the city, like Arkham Asylum for example.

We will then learn that the Orghams seem to have the ambition to regain control of Gotham, in particular thanks to the an old title deed. But alongside this, the family also decided to to take control of the city in a slightly less legal way, notably by attacking the local underworld. To do this, the Orghams sent Gael Tenclaw, a character whose arrival seems to have terrified the little strikes of Gotham, terrorized by what they describe as “a wolf”.

DC: The Dark Knight will face this terrifying new enemy

But in reality, Tenclaw is not a wolf to watch. properly speaking, but an Azmer, an ancient creature described as being made of “rage and anger”, and strangely reminiscent of the famous werewolves. If for the moment, these new characters are still very mysterious, we know however that the Orghams would be the supernatural ancestors of the Arkham family, but that they would also have the power to bend the Azmer to their will. their will.

DC: The Dark Knight will face this terrifying new enemy

And as Batman tries to investigate these new phenomena, it seems that he can find answers on the side. of the League of Shadows. Because faced with this new threat is Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra's al Ghul and new leader of her father's criminal organization, who will resurface on the surface. Gotham. But the Orghams give the impression of always being several steps ahead, easily foiling all attempts made against them. The latest Detective Comics #1065 also shows us the potential of these famous Azmer, with Tenclaw who manages to Easily eliminate Ubu, one of Ra's al Ghul's most trusted servants. supernatural elements, with on one side; the appearance of an ancient cryptic family and mystical creatures, but also with the presence of Barbatos, an evil god discovered in Dark Nights: Metal and who currently haunts Bruce Wayne.

DC: The Dark Knight will face this terrifying new enemy

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