DC/Marvel: for the Russo brothers, the bosses of Warner are sociopaths

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It must be said that the future of the DCEU with Warner at the helm is unclear, the studio having always struggled to; wear to the screen adaptations of the DC comics. Fortunately, we can say that with the arrival of James Gunn or the return of Henry Cavill as Superman thanks to Black Adam you can see the end of the tunnel. But we must remember that the studio has, only a few months ago, decided; to put in the dustbin of many projects, including the movie Batgirl. A first in the history of cinema and the Russo brothers recently returned to this incident and did not hesitate to to tackle the leaders of Warner.

DC/Marvel: for the Russo brothers, the bosses of Warner are sociopaths

Warner assassinated Batgirl: Capitalist Sociopathy Pointed Out

Indeed, the announcement had the effect of a bombshell when, three months ago, Warner declared; that the public would not discover the movie Batgirl with Leslie Grace, which would have allowed Michael Keaton to return as Batman. A decision taken after the arrival of David Zaslav and the merger of the studio with Discovery. But if Batgirl, whose finished product was there, finished forgotten, it's because the new leader wanted to respect the economic plan of the studio to stick to; its tax optimization plan.

Suffice to say that this way of doing things is more than brutal both for the public and for all the actors who participated. to the project.

DC/Marvel: For the Russo brothers, Warner's bosses are sociopaths

During an exchange with Variety, Joe and Anthony Russo returned to this unprecedented episode of the film industry. During the discussion, they brought up; the question of the relationship between film studios and the treatment of films. A worrying question according to Joe Russo based on the movie Batgirl who believes that it was “murdered” by the “capitalist sociopathy” from Warner:

Rarely can I think of something so publicized, so expensive, get murdered in such a way. It's sad, but we're in a time in which, in the business, corporate sociopathy is going to creep in because people are scared.

The end of an era for cinema

Although film industry practices are changing, the Russo brothers are adapting. As Joe recalls, he was not surprised when he was told that The Gray Man for Netflix would only be broadcast; only one week indoors:

I have four children, so I can identify the habits of Gen Z quite accurately. do not have the same emotional connection with watching things in a cinema.

A new way of consuming productions that will not allow more to achieve records as it could have been the case with Endgame which had won; more than a billion dollars for its first weekend of operation. For the director, “it was a pinnacle of this era of cinema“.