DC: Batman and Harley Quinn are in love with this character, and it's not the Joker

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The New Comic Book Saga of The New Batman Adventures, Season 3 explores moments little visited in the lives of DC characters. Thus, we learn interesting things about the adolescence of our favorite characters, in particular their romantic relationships, during their youth. Surprisingly, Batman and Harley Quinn are linked in a very strange way.

DC: Batman and Harley Quinn are in love with this character, and it's not the Joker

DC: Exploring the Past in love with Harley quinn?

Before we begin, please be aware that we will be spoiling information present in the current season 3 of Batman: The Adventures Continue and more particularly the second volume, published in February. In total, this series will have 7 episodes, one each month until June 13, 2023. Alan Burnett (writer of the Batman: Gotham Knight miniseries) and Paul Dini, writer on Arkham Asylum/City, The Tiny Toons, most of the Batman animated series > 1990s and character creator Harley Quinn, return here to explore previously untold moments in the lives of the Dark Knight and the main characters of Gotham City. In the second volume of this new Batman adventure, we learn of the existence of a strange love triangle between Batman, Harley Quinn and… Cassie Kendall.

If a thing has been regularly Neglected in the Batman comics, this is coverage of Harley Quinn's life before she met the Joker. Readers know the fundamental roots of its history, especially its past; from student-turned-criminal psychiatrist to Arkham Asylum. But as far as his life outside is concerned, very little is known. In Batman: The Adventures Continue, she tells us that one of her very intimate old acquaintances, a certain Cassie Kendall, unknown elsewhere than in this series, would be back in town. Better, the two have already; had very close relationships during their adolescence. In Secret Origins, we only learned that his stuffed beaver, Bernie, was named after his first childhood crush, someone named Bernie Bash, having faced the law to prove his love to her. To remember her, Harley will break into her family's home to steal a stuffed creature, which she will keep. But this relationship was only fleeting and rather superficial. It also confirms an element of Harley Quinn's life: his bisexuality.

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– It's Cassie! Cassie Kendal!! She's back in town!
– Do you know her?
– If I KNOW her? We were, like, best friends. the university ! She was the Macaroni to my cheese. Well, when I tell you we were close, I mean REALLY close. Damn, çit would be great to see her again at; new.

Batman and Harley competing for the same heart?

Only with Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #2 that fans were able to get a taste of what was happening. what a romance with Harley Quinn would look like before she dives into the vat of ACE Chemicals. Cassie Kendall is introduced here as an old friend from college. of Harley Quinn, although Harley insists that they were much more than friends. Interestingly, we also learn that Miss Kendall was -on her side- much more than friends with two other people: a young orphan named Bruce Wayne, who had a crush on her , and another named Harvey Dent. The story thus presents a relationship set before Andrea Beaumont stole Bruce's heart, after the adventures of Mask of the Phantasm (also written by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett).

DC: Batman and Harley Quinn are in love with this character, and it's not the Joker

Cassie Kendall is a person from a wealthy family, which she will try to rob by staging her own kidnapping. She often found herself navigate the same circles as Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent. The comics then explain to us that the four people saw each other regularly, and that Harley Quinn had a large enough social stature to participate in the social gatherings of Gotham's wealth. In this series, Harley has grown into a good person, fighting alongside Batman. Her relationship with the Joker will have done a lot of harm to the prestige she must receive for her successes. The comics make it clear to us that today, Harley Quinn will never again be able to achieve the social status that she had in her life. the time when she was dating Cassie Kendall, leaving a bittersweet feeling in the reader once the boards were over, leaving our hero soulful of that past. romance.

DC: Batman and Harley Quinn are in love with this character, and it's not the Joker