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DC: After 13 years of absence, finally good news for Green Lantern

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

After a very mediocre film released in 2011, Green Lantern is preparing to make a comeback. resurface within DC Comics. Really good news after multiple reports around the character of Hal Jordan.

DC: After 13 years of absence, finally good news for Green Lantern

Green Lantern, the Arlesian of DC Comics

Will Green Lantern finally have his letters of nobility? The property intellectual from DC Comics did have a live-action adaptation in 2011 by Martin Campbell, with Ryan Reynolds in the role of Hal Jordan. But with 200 million dollars in worldwide box office receipts and harsh reviews, the film was quickly released. row in the closet of the worst superhero adaptations.

Since then, the return of Green Lantern has been announced (about 10 years ago) through several very nebulous projects. A Green Lantern Corps film announced in 2015, which ultimately became a series for HBO Max and its platform. Butthe takeover of DC Comics by James Gunn and Peter Safran finally reshuffled the cards, and buried a project already in progress very fragile.

DC: After 13 years of absence, finally good news for Green Lantern

The new Green Lantern project six hands ordered by HBO

At least, that's what we thought, because we just learned thatHBO has officially ordered a first season dedicated to the character. Warner Bros. Discovery gave green sound for a production created at home six hands, and not just any hands. At the helm, we will find Chris Mundy, who notably worked on on the script of the excellent seriesOzark,as well asr True Detective: Night Country. Damon Lindelof, creator of Lost and the Watchmen series and Tom King (Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow) will co-write the series with Chris Mundy.

Here we go. a very serious trio to try to (finally) bring the project into our homes. We learn that this first season will consist of eight episodes, and that the plot of the series will revolve around John Stewart, a new recruit, and Hal Jordan, the legend of the Lanterns. These two intergalactic police officers find themselves immersed in a dark earthly mystery as they investigate a murder in the heart of the United States.

DC: After 13 years of absence, finally good news for Green Lantern

James Gunn and Peter Safran welcomed this good news. «We're thrilled to bring this flagship DC title to the world. HBO with Chris, Damon and Tom at bar. John Stewart and Hal Jordan are two of DC's most fascinating characters, and Lanterns brings them to life in an original detective story that is a fundamental part of the unified DCU as we launch into ;summer next with Superman.»

For his part, Casey Bloys, president and CEO of HBO and Max Content, added: :«We are thrilled to welcome back Chris Mundy and Damon Lindelof as they join forces with Tom for this new version of DC's Green Lantern. Part of James and Peter's vision for the DC Universe, this first new live-action series will mark an exciting new era.

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