Daycare children paint 100 lunch bags for the blood donors

September 11, 2021 by archyde

The next time they donate blood, the participants are not given their food in any bag. Each bag is unique – beautifully decorated by children.

Daycare children paint 100 lunch bags for the blood donors

The DRK is urgently looking for blood donors: the kindergarten children have been busy painting for a good cause. DRK board member Ralph Hoffert hopes for the success of the bag campaign. © DRK Herten / Carsten Nachlik

The children of the DRK movement kindergarten in the castle park all already know what many adults do on a regular basis: donating blood. DRK board member Ralph Hoffert told them that there are not enough blood donations right now. And so the idea was born to paint the lunch bags for the blood donors.

Because in Corona times there is no buffet catering, but every blood donor receives a lunch bag after the donation. And it is now beautifully colorful. Because in a joint campaign, the girls and boys painted 100 bags. They are – filled with delicious sweets and refreshments – distributed to the donors the next time they donate blood.

Next blood donation on September 14th

“Each bag is unique,” says Ralph Hoffert happily and is proud that all the children in the DRK movement kindergarten took part. “Now only the adults have to come and donate blood, and the bag campaign will be a complete success.”

The next blood donation is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14th and will take place from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Herten. Please register in advance at:

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