David Eyre did not plan on making “Suicide Squad” with an adult rating

David Eyre did not plan on making “Suicide Squad” with an adult rating

David Eyre had no plans to make an adult-rated Suicide Squad. The corresponding comment appeared in response to the interest of fans in the director's cut after the start of work on the corresponding version of the “Justice League”.

David Eyre did not plan on making

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Fans were hoping to see Suicide Squad in a new look. One Twitter user addressed the question directly to David Eyre. He was asked whether the movie will be designated an R rating, which implies admission to viewing of children under 17 years old exclusively with adult relatives. The director stressed that “Suicide Squad” will never receive the appropriate label, since it is completely unsuitable for such a segment.
“I'm talking about reality, not jokes for the Internet. The largest group that watched Suicide Squad are girls under 15, ”Eyre said.
The painting has been largely reworked by Warner Bros. before its release on the big screens in 2016. the director revealed some of the adjustments made. For example, Deadshot and Harley Quinn were originally a romantic couple who fall in love with each other as the story unfolds. There were also scenes for Diablo and Joker, which in the end were not included in the film, and at the very beginning of the show there should be events with the participation of the Enchantress. The director spoke in support of the final version of the picture.
“The existing composition of the film is my version. There are no other options in a parallel universe. There is only this movie. One of the hardest things to do is editing. You are preparing stunning scenes, but the film is built like a dictatorship, not a democracy. As a result, something cool with great charisma does not necessarily appear in the final version, ”said the director.

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