Daughter of Putin's mentor. Vibrated car from Dugin

Daughter of Putin's mentor. Vibrated car from Dugin

Putin's mentor's daughter. The car shook with Dugina

Russian the propagandist perished in the car, in which the mav їhati i її batko – the leading ideologist of contemporary Russia.

Having vibrated a car near Moscow, I knew the daughter of the Russian philosopher and publicist Oleksandr Dugin, who was known as the head ideologist of the “Russian world”. 29-Richna Dar’ For some kind of tribute, Dugin himself was in the car, and at the last moment he transferred to another car. The Russian government is ringing at the feet of Ukraine. Korrespondent.net give details.

Dugina died in the middle

Daughter of philosopher Oleksandr Dugin, ideologist “Russian world”, author of the concept “neo-Eurasianism” that & # 8220; sleepy Putin & # 8221;, died at night for a week, 21 sick days. The car Land Cruiser Prado, in the way of Dar’ya Dugina boulevard, vibrated near the village of Velikiy Vyazemi, Moscow region.

Dugina turned around patriotic festival, supported by the Russian order guest. Russian ZMI write that Dugina overcame the functions of the riverman father, supervised everything from the right.

Postcode version – gas bottle vib – bula was thrown out. The Russian Federation Sliding Committee talks about zamovne vbivstvo. Behind the tribute to the portal 112, a version is being seen that the vibukhov was planted at the parking lot of the festival.

“ It has already been established that the vibukhovy attachment was laid under the bottom of the car from the side of the water. Dar’I Dugin perished in the mist”, – declared at the office.

Skripal Petro Lundstrem, who was at the festival all at once from Duginimi, stverzhu, that the father of Daria had a broken car. Ale Dugin, who was called “Putin's mentor” Yogo Ulamki scattered all over the road. Dugin was one of the first to lean on the misery of the death of the donka, and the shards followed her. After the death of the Donka wines, she goes to the liquor, remembers the Russian political scientist Sergiy Markov.

Dugin is such a daughter

Oleksandr Dugin – philosopher and political scientist-propagandist, one of the apologists for the ideologies of the “Russian world”, “neo-Eurasianism” – The concept of Dominovannya over the Susyds, the USA is a sewn of the same time on the Teritorsky continent, and such a barn of the ilishi rings of the Radyanski. later fenced in Russia by the National Bolshevik Party, after entering it through rozbіzhnosti becoming an expert guard at the head of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

On the eve of the activity in 2005, the group presented the Youth Anti-Orange Front – an organization that took part in the creation and host of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich. For Dugin's statements, the organization is not enough to fight from the influx of the western lands to Ukraine. In 2014, Dugin's rotation was marked by sharp anti-Ukrainian statements, commenting on the tragic events in Odesa on May 2, calling “drive in, drive in and drive in”.

Vіn rіshuche pіdtrimav vіynu in Ukranіnі and at іn recent post, having asked for the Russian elites at the door to be appointed from that food.

“ 8221;. Abo leave the post. Deyakі shchos suspected mumchat. I want-not-hoch, we start to interpret their language in our own way. Do not enter us at a calm, speak clearly and in a loud voice less than one letter Z. writing Dugin.

Vіn contributions to the list of sanctions of the European Union in 2014 for the accountability to the annexation of Crimea. In 2015, the rotation is being rebuked under US and Canadian sanctions.

Dar’ya Dugin– a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Moscow State University, the author of propaganda columns on RT and Tsargorod, wrote for them under the pseudonym Dar’ya Platonova. Dughina was also the co-author of Book Z, about the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The government of the United States and Great Britain has brought її to the sanctions lists in the name of wide disinformation. Dughina stated that she was writing about them, that she was guilty of sanctions.

The social media today guessed one of Dughina's speeches on Russian television, in which she said that “the Nazis from Azovstal– tse death, and death – ce ruination of catholicity”.

“Ukrainian Slid” at Dugina's vbiva

The Russian government and propagandists immediately swayed “Ukrainian Slide” and they asked for “the payment”. Marganita Simonyan called out to hit “in the center of the praise of the solution”, and the Ministry of Health of Russia stated that “there is a policy of sovereign terrorism”. Dugina, on the air of the telethon on 21 September, announcing the address of the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak.

“Naked, like Ukraine, insanely, to which I can’t think, to that we are not a criminal power, like the Russian Federation, and they are no longer a terroristic power”, – Podolyak said.

On one thought, Dugina's driving in is about the struggle for power and the influx of various groups in the middle of Russia. Podolyak, having admitted that the Russian government vikoristovuvatime the death of Dugina for the improvement of & # 8220; ideological informational pressure & # 8221; to support.

Socialist reaction to the death of Dugin's daughter

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