Daughter Madonni walked the podium on the Parisian Tizhnі modi

Daughter Madonni walked the podium on the Parisian Tizhnі modi

Madonni's daughter walked the runway on the Parisian Tizhnі modi

Leon Lourdes was seen in jumpsuits with a print look good.

April 25 Lourdes Leon, the daughter of the American pop-horse Madonna and model, took part in the fashion show by designer Marine Serre at the Fashion Man's Fashion in Paris. Frames with the maiden, which are defiant, have already spread out.

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Leon is dressed in a tight designer All Over Moon Catsuit, complemented by lace-up shoes and gold embellishments, including bracelets, namist, earrings and lanyards around the waist. Lourdes let her hair down, and made up her makeup with an emphasis on her eyes.

Marine Serre, the new 30-year-old French designer, held a sumptuous fashion show promoting her spring/summer 2023 collection. The press at the exhibition was presented with notes, in which it was said:

“It is important for Marine Serre to be inclusive in the right way, guaranteeing that our projects and accessibility are available to everyone”.

Moreover, among the models there were people with a disability, an overworld vaga, an older one.

Leon took part in the Marine Serre show nine months after, all of a sudden, she appeared on the podium for the first hour of the demonstration of the Savage X Fenty collection in spring 2021 on Amazon Prime.

Model she called, demonstrating her figure in a turquoise bra and panties in tone, and wearing high boots and a dressing gown. Vaughn also made a bright eye makeup, and її dark hair was put in the original combo.

And in the past fate, won took part in the campaign Savage x Fenty “Love On the Edge” until Valentine's Day together with Rianna, as well as Quanna Chasinghorse, Tess McMillan, Alva Clair, Suizz, Shuggoy, Sarah Kim Nyja and Evan Leff.