Dates and deadline for submitting the 2019 Income Statement

Dates and deadline for submitting the 2019 Income Statement

The 2019 Income campaign ends today, June 30, 2020, the deadline for filing the return. Check the dates in red on the rental calendar

Dates and deadline for submitting the 2019 Income Statement

The Income 2019 campaign began on April 1 , and extends until today, June 30, 2020 , the deadline for filing the return .

But these are not the only two dates to consider. During the three months that the campaign lasts, there are key deadlines to mark in red on the calendar . We detail them.

April 1, start of the Rent campaign

On April 1, 2020 , the 2019 Income campaign officially began. From this day on, the draft return can be modified and submitted electronically.

May 5, request for an appointment

From May 5 to June 29 , taxpayers can request an appointment. It can be requested through the internet (, the Tax Agency app or by calling 901 22 33 44 or 91 553 00 71.

May 7, start of telephone service

The Tax Agency will assist taxpayers by telephone ( We Call him plan) from May 7 to June 30 for the modification and presentation of the return.

June 8, appointment for face-to-face care

On May 13, the face- to- face service was scheduled to begin at the tax offices and collaborating entities. However, the health crisis has caused that date to be delayed until June 8 , when the request for appointments for care in the Treasury has been opened.

June 25, direct debit

June 25 is the deadline for direct debit of returns to be paid.

June 30, last day to file the return

On June 30, the campaign officially ends and it will be the last day to present the 2019 income and wealth declarations .

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