Dasha Astaf’eva about those how the war changed our lives, that is significant for Netflix

Dasha Astaf’eva about those how the war changed our lives, that is significant for Netflix

Dasha Astaf’eva about those, how war changed her life, that is great for Netflix

The war has changed us, we have been resurrected by the wickedness of people, like the stench of prihovuvali. If it's good, then it's bad. Spivachka Dasha Astaf'eva spoke in an interview with Masha Euphrosyne about those who stopped talking to the wealthy know, knowing Netflix that greatest fear.

What did you stop talking about?

– About 80% of the people with whom I constantly got in touch stopped talking. I connect with new people. Practically everyone rose up, we didn’t fight. Don't write to me. I don’t write, I’m more busy, what a stench beyond the cordon. I can’t know in them those who stick around for me at once,” the artist confessed.

So Dasha Astaf’eva said that for the night of the war, a new ring was formed in her – call all those close to you, yak stink.

About the sign for Netflix

Dasha Astaf'yeva helped in the kitchen peeling potatoes on the cob of a large-scale invasion, striking Ukrainians with such simplicity and clarity.

The couple spent 24 fierce days in Ukraine, and then realized that you don’t want to just sit there, but you can help. At the convent, she got to know the girl, as she shared the volunteer's contacts. So the conversation came to the next busy day. Vaughn also asked the volunteer center to let journalists in, so that people could find out the truth.

It’s important not to forget, to be happy: Dasha Astaf’eva about those who help her stay calm during the hour of war

It was once for an hour that I knew that I knew Netflix.

— My friend Anya helped me. I say to him: “Don’t worry, they will recognize us at once.” We sit, clean, and I feed: “Will you know this day?” Why they stink, what is important for them to fix the whole process. Then I energized who knows us, and the stink blew – Netflix, – guess the sleeper.

Vaughn, it seems, that if she was peeling potatoes, she was at my meditative station.

— I turned on the audiobook and didn’t notice, like I was peeling two bears. We came at 11 and peeled potatoes until 17 pm. On the second of the month, today, it's like Astaf'eva.

About the greatest fear

So the artist shared the greatest fear. Vaughn is afraid that everything will be like books have such a movie about war, if everything ends with a dark screen. Dasha knew that new dreams were born in her, in which she was happy, if only she had enough luck and Ukraine won.