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DARPA showed what the new low-profile XRQ-73 drone will look like

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

DARPA showed what the new inconspicuous XRQ-73 drone will look like /></p>
<p>The new unmanned aerial vehicle, created according to the aerodynamic scheme of the "flying wing" and equipped with a hybrid-electric power plant, received the designation XRQ-73. It is being developed by the US Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).</p>
<p>DARPA hopes to conduct the first flight tests of the XRQ-73 as early as 2024, The War Zone reported.</p>
<p>Drone XRQ- 73 is outwardly similar to a number of already existing devices — for example, on the RQ-170 Sentinel from the Skunk Works division of the American military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin. However, the XRQ-73 received a pair of air intakes in the upper part of the central section of the fuselage instead of one.</p>
<p>No technical details about the XRQ-73 have been released yet, but it is known that the drone will weigh 566 kilograms. It is included in the so-called group 3 UAVs, the devices of which can fly at an altitude of one to 54 kilometers and develop a maximum speed of 185 to 460 kilometers per hour.</p>
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