Danish Cup: Hobro vs Vejle live streaming free

Danish Cup: Hobro vs Vejle live streaming free

Hobro vs Vejle live streaming free
Hobro – Vejle. Prediction for the Danish Cup match (October 7, 2020)

On October 7, as part of the 1/32 finals of the Danish Football Cup, the Hobro – Vejle match will take place. If last season the hosts played in the Super League, and the guests in the first division, now the picture is diametrically opposite. Vejle naturally looks like a favorite in this pair, but is everything really so obvious? Read about it in our forecast.

Hobro did not start the season quite the way it would like, but for teams that have been demoted, this state of affairs at the start of the championship is not uncommon.

However, it cannot be said that the team is doing very badly, because the lag behind the leader is only four points, which will not be difficult to win back over a long distance. But to eliminate the handicap is possible only if the team does not stumble over the rivals of the second echelon, as in the case of Vendsussel (0: 3).

“Vejle” after the first four rounds unexpectedly found itself in the group of leaders, taking the third place in the championship. It is clear that with a high degree of probability this will not be for long, but if the team can continue to gain at least half of the points during the season, then there will be no problems with maintaining the registration.

But in order to stay afloat, the coaching staff needs to solve problems with the game on the defensive. Seven conceded goals (1.75 on average per game) is still a large number. However, the number of goals scored, nine goals, and even very decent opponents are encouraging – an excellent achievement. So “Hobro” this evening will have oh how hard it is.

In August, the hosts turned out to be stronger in a friendly match – 1: 0;
Hobro and Vejle have defended their gates intact only once in official games.

Personal meetings
08/19/20 Vejle Hobro 0: 1
05/19/19 Vejle Hobro 0: 2
05/12/19 Hobro Vejle 0: 1
10/28/18 Hobro Vejle ten
07/13/18 Vejle Hobro 3: 1
05/11/17 Hobro Vejle eleven
03/12/17 Vejle Hobro fifteen
02.10.16 Hobro Vejle ten

Vejle, on the wave of success, must advance to the next round. Both those and others play attacking football, there are enough problems in defense, but you need to understand that teams play in leagues of different levels. So the owners should be very lucky to reach the 1/16 finals.

Our prediction is Vejle’s victory with a coefficient of 1.81 from BC Winline.

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