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Danielle Smith would like an exemption Canadian in the event of an increase in American tariffs

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Danielle Smith made her first official visit to Washington D.C. this week.

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Visiting Washington for the first time since taking office as premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith argued that in the event of a renegotiation of a free trade agreement with the United States, the industry oil and gas should be protected by exemptions from tariffs.

No matter the outcome of the next presidential election, Danielle Smith wants American politicians “realize that we have a special relationship between Canada and the United States, and I would include Mexico as well.”

She maintains that the integrated energy market is a good example of this privileged relationship.

[Petroleum] products come and go from side to side #x27;other of the border, just like in the automobile industry, she explains.

In 2023, Alberta has exported just over $127.5 billion in oil and gas products to the United States, according to Statistics Canada.

During a press conference at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, a reporter asked Danielle Smith about which US presidential candidate would be best for Alberta, according to her, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

There are challenges with both. They both have protectionist policies that would harm our country and our province, she replied.

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Donald Trump notably promises to impose 10% tariffs on all foreign products imported into the United States.

As for Joe Biden, Danielle Smith still has not digested the cancellation of the presidential permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline project, one of the Democratic president's first gestures upon his arrival at the White House in 2021.< /p>

The project could have increased Alberta's oil exports to the Gulf of Mexico. There had been so much preparation and it really eliminated 11,000 well-paying union jobs, she laments.

Despite this pitfall, the Prime Minister wants Alberta to remain the preferential supplier to the United States. She notably took advantage of her visit to Washington to reiterate her support for keeping Line 5 of the Alberta company Enbridge in service.

Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Withmer wants to close the pipeline that allows Alberta to export its oil to refineries in Ontario and Quebec.

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Danielle Smith notably met Republican Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul during her visit to Washington.

The Prime Minister also affirmed that natural gas will be at the basis of the economy of the future. She cites in particular the uses of this fossil fuel to replace coal, but also to produce hydrogen, which can be used as fuel, or ammonia, a raw material for fertilizers used in agriculture.

During her two-day visit to Washington, the Premier of Alberta met with numerous Republican elected officials, including Rand Paul and Lisa Murkowski, as well as a few Democrats , including Chris Coons and Joe Manchin.

She also spoke with Markwayne Mullin, a senator from Oklahoma. Our province is the state of Oklahoma's largest bilateral trading partner, said Danielle Smith, as many refineries that process Alberta oil are located in this southern state.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Danielle Smith also participated in a Canadian-American Business Council event sponsored by the airline WestJet.

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