Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Danielle Smith plans to invoke the sovereignty law next week

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Prime Minister Danielle Smith wants to invoke the sovereignty law because she opposes federal carbon neutrality targets for electricity networks.


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To counter the federal Clean Electricity Regulations, the United Conservative Party (UCP) government intends to invoke the Alberta Sovereignty Act this Monday.

According to Danielle Smith, this regulation encroaches on provincial jurisdiction. She explained this morning, during her radio show, that the targets set by Ottawa are unrealistic and threaten the reliability of the province's electricity network.

We tried to collaborate with them so that their goals were aligned with ours, she said during her show. We must have a reliable network. We need to have an affordable network, and we're going to make sure we defend our constitutional jurisdiction to do that.

Sources familiar with the matter say the province plans to table a resolution that declares federal measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to be unconstitutional. They add that this resolution will also signal that these measures will not be applied in Alberta.

Danielle Smith confirmed that a resolution will be debated and submitted to the votes of the deputies, mainly PCU, but that we will have to wait until Monday to know the results. terms. The electricity companies were informed of the province's intentions last Thursday.

After sometimes brandishing the threat of the sovereignty law against the federal Clean Electricity Regulations, which aim to create a carbon-neutral electricity system by 2035, will be the first time that the Alberta premier will use this law.

The Alberta government is asking the federal government to push back the carbon neutrality of the electricity network by 2050, because it considers this to be a more achievable objective.

With information from Jason Markusoff

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