Daniel Salem on shell shock and hearing loss: There was a very cool partisan story

Daniel Salem on shell shock and hearing loss: There was a very cool partisan story


“We completed the task,” said Daniel Salem, host of the Ukraina TV channel, who came under fire while performing a combat mission. Where is the presenter of the Zirkovy Shlyakh program now, and how does he feel – the project team was able to contact him and ask about what happened.

“All is well! I have a mild contusion and hearing loss in my left ear. The doctors said they still don’t know when the hearing will return,” said the host of the Zirkovy Shlyakh program. Thank God we didn't lose anyone. We have four wounded.

According to the TV presenter of the channel “Ukraine”, at first the enemy fired, and then got angry and began to bombard our guys with everything he had. Daniel Salem could not tell anything more about this situation, because there is a war going on, and every little thing can betray our position to the aggressor. “We had a very cool partisan history,” shared the host of the Ukraine channel. “We completed the task.”

He did not hide his emotions during the interview and admitted that he really experiences at the front.

“I'm so afraid now! – with a smile admitted the presenter. But how can you properly explain your condition? This is a defensive reaction. Once my dad told me: “Always smile.” I am sure that each of us has a certain path and time that we have been given. And if we doubt, we will lose a lot of time. And now I'm smiling here because I'm scared.”

Daniel Salem did not take sick leave and now serves in Nikolaev. Despite the shell shock, he defends the country, although he really missed working in the studio.