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Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter star wins award for first time

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

Daniel Radcliffe has just added a new string to the game. his arc, and this could well boost his career even more! The star of Harry Potter has indeed won. a prestigious award for the first time in his career.

Daniel Radcliffe: the star of 'Harry Potter wins this award for the first time' /></p>
<h2>daniel radcliffe wins this prestigious award</h2>
<p>For a long, long time, Daniel Radcliffe was quartered to the role of Harry Potter. This is the problem with actors and actresses who play such a cult character: we only associate them with others. this one. <strong>But the British actor has been able to bounce back and prove himself since the end of the saga in 2011.</strong> He has multiplied his performances. notable appearances in various films and series, whether in<em>Horns, Swiss Army Man</em>, or even <em>The Lady in Black</em>. Likewise, everyone knows this image of the actor in slippers and pajamas, in the middle of the street, with two guns drawn. the hand. A plan drawn from of the film<em>Guns Akimbo</em>, another feature film in which he plays the main role.</p>
<p>But Daniel Radcliffe is also an actor of theater. And precisely, on Sunday night at Monday, <strong>he won won the Tony Award for the first time ever, for his performance in the musical<em>Merrily We Roll Along!</em>! </strong>This very prestigious award is considered the equivalent of an Oscar in the world of theater.</p>
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merrily we roll along, the new reference of the star of harry potter

As we have said, everyone knows Daniel Radcliffe for having played the famous Harry Potter in the cinema for 10 years. But now it is time to move on, because the 34-year-old actor has proven that he can do everything, winning a Tony Award for his performance in Merrily We Roll Along. This musical comedy was released in 1981. It features music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a libretto by George Furth. More than 40 years old, this musical comedy is itself taken from a play dating from 1934. We follow the story of three friends, whose evolution we follow over 20 years in a reverse chronological direction. 

Daniel Radcliffe plays one of the three friends in question (lyricist and playwright Charley Kringas), alongside Lindsay Mendez and Jonathan Groff. The latter, notably appearing inMatrix Resurrectionsand the seriesMindhunter, also received a Tony Award for his performance. The trio recently sang live one of the flagship titles of musical comedy,  and it is to be discover in the video below!

This Sunday, Daniel Radcliffe was in heaven, because he was also celebrating the feast of fathers:he had his first child in April 2023, and he obviously didn't miss out on his life. to pay tribute to him during his speech, just like at his wife and his parents. A moment full of emotions.

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