Daniel Quintero defends himself on Twitter against a trend and sends 'tricks' against Uribismo

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The influencer Jaime Arizabaleta started a trend on the social network since early Sunday morning against the mayor of Medellín, and he defended himself

Daniel Quintero defends himself on Twitter of trend against him and sends ‘pullas&rsquo ; against uribismo

The suspended mayor of Medellín also pointed out that despite everything that happened, there is “a calm candidate who listens.” Photo: Colprensa

In the last few hours, a trend on Twitter against the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, has gone viral: #ElFracasoDeQuintero. Many opponents of the burgomaster have used this 'numeral' to make strong criticisms of him, but most have come from the columnist and influencer Jaime Arizabaleta, which from 5 in the morning of this Sunday, November 13, published a video to criticize Quintero.

However, the mayor, who is usually very active on social networks, does not he remained silent and also from very early in the morning he began to respond through his Twitter account. Using the same trend, he wrote:

Uribism tried in every way #ElFracasoDeQuintero because: – We revealed the truth about Hidroituango and we made them pay. -We took EPM from the GEA so that they would stop stealing it-We do not kneel to his power or his threats. – We achieved the works that they never did.

Daniel Quintero defends himself on Twitter against a trend and sends ‘pullas’ against uribismo

The mayor was not silent.

Later, he published another trill recalling the decision he had made in previous days to start the search for 200 disappeared people on the land of La Escombrera, located in Comuna 13 of Medellín, and incidentally he sent a 'pulla' to Uribism:< /p>

Daniel Quintero defends himself on Twitter against the trend and sends ‘taunts’ against uribismo

I throw a taunt at uribismo.

In the video that he published at dawn on Sunday, Jaime Arizabaleta says that Daniel Quintero is “an accident of politics” and assures that he is the “fruit of a division that cannot happen again because it had tragic consequences” and adds that ” he commands a gang that destroyed Medellín” and that is why he is “the worst mayor in Colombia”. To base his assertions he uses three arguments: first, he says that he “distributed the administration to political quotas”; second, that he is “a lousy and inept administrator”; and, third, that “his alleged anti-uribismo” is a political marketing excuse that serves to “hide his ineptitude”.

Here you can see the complete video:

The influencer criticized Daniel Quintero

Daniel Quintero's revocation

This crossover of attacks occurs a few days after the decision of the Administrative Court of Antioquia to order the National Registry of Civil Status to notify President Gustavo Petro and call new elections to recall the mayor of Medellín within a maximum period of eight days.

In this new ruling from the Fifth Chamber of the court, the Registrar's Office is accused of having failed to certify the recall process, which reached the minimum 90,000 signatures needed to be summoned.

Previously, in the ruling of April 27, the Court had agreed with the Registrar's Office, which had said that it did not inform the president because the National Electoral Council had not certified the financial statements presented by the recall committee on the financing of the collection of signatures. This was the only impediment to advancing the process, since the signatures have been certified three times.

Now, in the new sentence, the court says that the CNE “must set the maximum amount that each citizen or organization can contribute to the campaign to collect support, does not have the power to intervene in the verification process of the financial statements of the campaign to collect support.”

And consequently, “the National Registry of Civil Status should not make its action subject to what the National Electoral Council decides in this regard, so that the Chamber will revoke the judgment of first instance”.