“Dances with zirkami-2020”: how was the third edition of the show

“Dances with zirkami-2020”: how was the third edition of the show

The most interesting details of the live broadcast

Inna Petrova

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On Sunday, September 13, the third live broadcast of the show “Dancing with Stars-2020” took place, which was previously left by Dmitry Tankovich and Ilona Gvozdeva. In this issue, the singer Nadia Dorofeeva became the guest judge, and her husband Vladimir Dantes was the presenter on the balcony.

The theme of the next live broadcast was love. The participants dedicated their dances to their loved ones and shared personal stories. Find out how the third edition of the new season “Dancing with the Stars” went in the article.

Aram Arzumanyan and Antonina Rudenko were the first to step onto the floor with incendiary salsa in the style of Indian cinema. The judges highly appreciated the dance and gave the couple 36 points.

Foxtrot Julia Sanina dedicated to her husband Val Bebko. Recall that Yulia's partner on the floor is Dmitry Zhuk. Vlad Yama called the couple's dance ideal, and Grigory Chapkis agreed with him. Julia and Dmitry's score is 37 points.

The third dance at the evening of love was presented by alyona alyona and Yuri Gurich. Ekaterina Kukhar did not appreciate the hip-hop participants, giving them a low rating. In total, the couple has 27 points.

Pozitiv and Yulia Sakhnevich danced Argentine tango. Vlad Yama noted the skill of the pair, and the overall assessment of the participants was 32 points.

The next to reach the floor were Sergey Melnik and Adelina Delhi. They performed cha-cha-cha, which, however, caused a lot of comments from Vlad Yama and Ekaterina Kukhar. The couple has 30 points.

Santa Dimopoulos danced a passionate rumba for her beloved husband with partner Max Leonov. All four judges named the dance one of the best, giving them an overall mark of 27 points.

Then the Viennese waltz was presented by Nadezhda Meikher and Kirill Vasyuk. The ex-“VIA-Gra” also dedicated the dance to her husband, about whom she first spoke publicly. The couple's score is 36 points.

Olga Freimut and Ilya Padzina, who had been ill with a coronavirus, appeared at the “Dances with stars-2020” The first dance of the couple on the floor received an assessment of 29 points.

Daria Petrozhitskaya and her partner Igor Gelunenko are still on self-isolation. The actress dedicated the dance to her ex-boyfriend, also a participant of this season “Dances with stars”, Taras Tsimbalyuk. The judges rated the waltz at 30 points.

Jive of Taras Tsimbalyuk and Yana Zaets ended with a marriage proposal. The actor on the air called his beloved Tina in marriage, and she agreed. The total score of Taras and Yana is 32.

Then Slava Kaminskaya and Dmitry Dikusar took the floor to perform contemporary music. In the second broadcast, the movement of the “NEANGELOV” participant was criticized by Ekaterina Kukhar. This time Grigory Chapkis did not like the couple's number. In total, Slava and Dmitry have 26 points.

Sergei Tanchinets and Yana Tsybulskaya danced for the musician's wife. The Paso Doble pair performed to the composition of the group BEZ OBMEZHEN – Without her niyak. The drive number bіl is estimated at 28 points.

The last dance of this live broadcast was the Viennese waltz of Oleg Vinnik and Alena Shoptenko. The couple was praised by all members of the jury, giving them 35 points.

Find out who left the show “Dance with Stars-2020” in the third edition here.

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