“Dan is fit to be a daughter”: as a woman looks, at a 43-year-old Balan, she sings vibir and navit in public

“Dan is fit to be a daughter”: as a woman looks, at a 43-year-old Balan, she sings vibir and navit in public

“Dan’s daughter” vybіr ta yaku tsіluє navit in public

All-svitnyovіdomy Moldavian vikonovets Dan Balan having thrown together a string of kisses with an actor for an hour zyomok klipu. Whom did you choose a person for this role?

It looks like a woman looking at Dan Balan, having chosen < p>Video robots Dan Balan releases velmy rarely, but the skin of them is g_dna respect. The very novelty about the new clip for the fans of the artist, as holy. Not long before the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the Moldavian macho released a composition of Russian language, as if after the attack of Russia, he saw it on his YouTube channel.

Ale, for example, let me re-sweat my chandeliers. The same videorobota itself appeared in the merezhі, but this time it was a Moldavian language.

Like a woman, looking at Dan Balan, she sang the vibir

Ale respect for her with a kiss. So, Dan Balan to do it for a long time with an emotion tsіluvav an actor for an hour zyomok, knowing the date of the car. Who was the beauty, who was lucky enough to pass the casting and become the main heroine of Dan's history?

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Your name is Vladislav Gleb, and the Ukrainian woman is namingly ugly. Photographs on the special side in the social dimension of Instagram do not leave any doubt about the correctness of the choice of the musician: the girl of Volodya is rich with beautiful tributes. And all on the right in the fact that the pose of the cameras spivak that actor was too close. Shanuvalniks actively discuss in the comments under the publications of Vladislav's video, like Dan Balan, on the other hand, he was more crowded, and then, having understood his character, he saw it. While moving, on the screen shots, the couple was behaving like they were close people.

Their contribution to the discussion was made by DanTini's shamans.

“Dana is fit to be a daughter” girl, na yakіy Dan Balan
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