Dakota Johnson told how to cope with depression quarantined

Дакота Джонсон рассказала, как справиться с депрессией на карантине

Dakota Johnson. Photo: Getty Images

Actress Dakota Johnson shared how to cope with depression in terms of self-isolation.

It’s hard to be positive every day when everything around is sad. But such minor things as meditation, walking, caring for yourself and your body, can greatly change the situation. I now read a lot and watch a lot of movies,” said Dakota TV Extratv.

In an interview with us Marie Claire magazine the actress admitted that concern for the fate of the world keeps her awake at night and throws her into the tight embrace of psychoanalysis.Now Dakota prefers to deal with the unstable emotional state of self and even finds advantages. For example, the ability to feel subtle humor.

I help meditation or Hiking. Be kind to your body. These little things ultimately of great importance,” — said Dakota in an interview with Chesley Crist.

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