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Eighth inning

Seventh inning

Seven times, Lotte played three times in disguised form.

On 7th, Lotte changed foreigners to Alan Busenitz (​Alan Busenitz) backup, Wu Nianting hit the left field, the second hit of the field, Kawagoe Seiji third base fly ball out, Genta Sou Ryo guerrilla hit the earth, the second base runner was defeated Blocked, Kishi Junichiro three strikes out.

Sixth inning(Seibu 2: 8 Lotte)

6 times, Hongming hit the island,Motegi Eigoro hit the earth on second base, Suzuki Earth’s midfielder flew out, and Okajima Goro three strikes out.

6 on, 2 outs, Kuriyama Qiao landed a hit in the middle direction, and Yamakawa Hodaka flew the ball out of the third base.

Fifth game(Seibu 2: 8 Lotte)

At 5 times, Seibu replaced pitcher Katunori Hirai, and after 1 out,Oko Ruewei hit the ground hit in the middle direction, Tanya Ginrenro went four bads to go, Tatsuki Ryosuke went four to go, and Osho Kofukada flew the ball out of bounds towards third base.

5 above, Seibu line Mikami Sanshita.

Fourth round (Seibu 2:8 Lotte)

4 hits, 1 out, when the second and third bases were occupied, Yamazaki just hit the first base to clear the base, Lotte 5: 2 Seibu, then Yamazaki just robbed the second base and then went to the third base with a violent shot, Tatsuki Ryosuke Seibu changed shots after picking a pass: Mizunobu, Osho Kofukada knocked out a sacrificial hit with RBI, Lotte 6:2 Seibu, first base runner on second base, second out, Shimauchi Hiroaki selected to pass on base. Eigoro Mogi hit a left field hit. Kuriyama Kuriyama, the left fielder, failed to receive and dropped the ball to the left, causing all the runners on the base to come back. The batter also stood on second base. Lotte led 8-2, and Suzuki landed. Strikes out, three outs.

After 4 on, 1 out, Mori Yuya chose to walk to base, and then went to second base with a violent shot. Nakamura also hit the middle direction with a 1-point RBI, Seibu 1:3 Rakuten. Shuta Sotozaki escorted to base, Kuriyama Qiao made up another hit from the right, and Seibu took full base. Yamakawa Hodaka was recommended, and Seibu squeezed back 1 point. Wu Nianting was caught with a fly ball in the right field direction, two outs. Seiji Kawagoe was caught in the field with a goofy ball and was out of the game three times.

The third round (Seibu 0:3 Lotte)

After three outs, after two outs, Tatsuki Ryosuke chose to go to base, Osho Kofukada hit the middle direction, Rakuten took the first and third base, Shimauchi hit the second base in the left field direction, with 2 RBI, Rakuten 2:0 Lead. Hiroaki Shimauchi then relied on a pitcher’s misstep to reach third base, and was sent back to home base by Eigoro Mogi’s hit to get Rakuten’s third point. Suzuki Dadi rolled out in the direction of second base.

On the 3rd, Wu Nianting hit the right side for the first time to hit a strong flat hit, and the next shot was Kawagoe Seiji’s first base, and Wu Nianting was blocked and the hitter went to first base. Sou Ryo Genda was caught with a flying ball, and Seiji Kawagoe was too late to return to base, forming a double play.

Second round (Seibu 0:0 Lotte)

2 times, Lotte three up and three times.

2 up, Seibu three up and three down.

First round (Seibu 0:0 Lotte)

In 1 game, Ryosuke Tatsuki was hit by a strikeout, Osho Kofukada hit on the left, Hiroaki Shimauchi guerrilla rolled the earth out, Eigoro Mogi rolled out of the second base, and Lotte also left behind.

On 1st, Genta Souhiro and Kishi Junichiro hit consecutive hits, Seibu captured the first and third bases, Mori Yuya was caught at the second base, and Nakamura took a double hit, and Seibu left the base.

Pre-match report

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]Seibu continued his away game against Lotte today. Nian Ting Wu, who had 3 hits and 1 hit yesterday, continued to start the eighth ball, but the defensive position was changed from left field to third base.

Wu Nianting played in 95 games this season, surrendering 7 bangs, 43 RBI and hitting rate of 25%. He scored 30% and hitting rate of 73%.

Seibu launched Watanabe Yutaro in this campaign. He boarded 10 games this season, surrendered 2 wins and 2 losses, with a defensive rate of 2.74. Rakuten started as Ishibashi Ryota, who only ushered in the first start of this season on the 29th of last month. No points were lost in 6 games against Rhodes, and the final has nothing to do with the outcome.

Lotte sends the wire first

1 (Middle) Ryosuke Tatsumi
2 (Travel) Xiao Fukada Daisho
3 (finger) Hiroaki Shimauchi
4 (3) Eigoro Mogi
5 (1) Daichi Suzuki
6 (Right) Takero Okajima
7 (Left) Rui Okoye
8 (Capture) Ginjiro Sumitani
9 (two) Shan 﨑 Gang

Starting pitcher: Ryota Ishibashi

Seibu Lions Line

1 (tour) Genta Sou Ryo
2 (Middle) Junichiro Kishi
3 (Capture) Tomoya Mori
4 (finger) Takeya Nakamura
5 (2) Shuta Tonosaki
6 (Left) Takumi Kuriyama
7 (1) Hotaka Yamakawa
8 (3) Wu Nianting
9 (Right) Seiji Kawagoe

Starting pitcher: Yutaro Watanabe

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