“Daddy give up: I’m pansexual!”  – CorrieredelMezzogiorno.it

“Daddy give up: I’m pansexual!” – CorrieredelMezzogiorno.it

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“Daddy give up: I’m pansexual!”  – CorrieredelMezzogiorno.it

int ‘o rione

twelve o’clock, July 9, 2021 – 12:08 pm

of Fortunato Cerlino

“So, I met cu mammeta about what you told us last night. Fortunately it got me right. On the other hand ‘e femmene for this purpose, or not? To make the man reason when they lose control ».

“And what did you decide at this summit?”

«Don’t answer in spite though, otherwise we will be point and head».

“The question is serious. Suddenly, after years and years of honored career I come to discover overnight that my only son is a rich man! “

“No fagot, Pansexual.”

“And doesn’t that mean ricchione?”

“No. I want to say that my sexual attraction towards others does not depend on their sex. In practice, I don’t identify with binary genres ».

“Listen, let’s not make it difficult, you’re a ricchione, that’s enough.”

«And it doesn’t matter, the substance doesn’t change. In my day one was either a man or a woman, or he was a rich man. In any case. First I wanted to apologize. The reaction I got was a little excessive. I didn’t want you to smash your head with the bottle. You know that I am not a violent man ».

“Ten stitches. Agio lost a liter and blood ».

“I’m sorry. As I told you, I talked to your mother about it. It will not repeat itself. But at least we come to a compromise ».

“And what are you saying?”

«As far as I can try, I don’t think I will be able to accept a ricchione son. Mo, for example, I stay calm, yet while I think about it my hands are shaking ».

“And what compromise would you like to make?”

“I won’t break your head any more, but you have to grant me that every now and then, when I really don’t contain myself, at least a kick, a slap, a spit of disgust, you have to let me pass”.

“Dad, what did you say?”

“I told you, it’s a compromise. I don’t kill you, but you can’t force me not to disgust you. Each must respect the position of the other, as they have proposed to the government for the law on ricchioni ».

“And what if one day I’ll break it up to you?”

“You are completely against nature. But how is it? A son smashing his father’s head? This is a mortal sin! Anyway … what I’m trying to make you understand is that you too must respect my beliefs. For culture, for religion, for political affiliation, but also for ” o scuorno, I can not pretend and nothing. I really can’t accept you as you are, therefore, by making a democratic effort I will be able to tolerate you, but every now and then you will have to allow me some outburst. After all, you are different, not me! ».

“You’re out with brains!”

«Piccerì, let’s be clear! For your information, I respect the natural criteria established by the Eternal Father. I songo ommo through and through. You are a scandal! ».

«Nu scandal! ‘O priest so he told me. Last night, after I hit you, while you were in the ER I was in church. Do you know what Father Lucio told me? That God created the male and the female and on them he founded the family ».

“What’s the family’s right with sexual identity?”

“How’s that right?” ‘O male and female are the advocates of the Higher will and the custodians of the right natural balance of things. Accussì said ‘o preveto. In fact, together, male and female, when they mate they generate life. They don’t mate just for… as he said… tingle! You tingle, and therefore stay in scandal ».

“Fornicare, it is said fornicare.”

«But ‘o preveto, who is a divine person, also told me that the new pope, while not accepting, is maniata’ e ricchioni who is coming out, but does not close his arms to his neighbor. Tolerate, listen, but don’t accept. This is what I intend to do, according to the Word of our Lord ».

“Your speech is unfair, dad.”

«Bravo, let’s begin to understand each other. Did you see how it works under the compromise? ».

“There is only one thing you didn’t understand. Last night I didn’t tell you I’m Pansexual to give you the chance to accept or tolerate it. I was just informing you. I don’t need to be accepted or tolerated by anyone. Mine is not a fault. Besides, the priest who spoke to you misses a thing. ‘A nature is much richer and more surprising than it is written in her prayer books. For nature, sexual orientation is not a psychological factor, of custom or faith, but it is a biological question. The God who created trees, plants, flowers and also the human being, has contemplated from the beginning that between male and female there are a whole series of other possibilities. The God of your priest has created as well ‘and ricchioni, as you say ».

«Do not swear in my house, otherwise I will open a vote for you».

“Good boy! Threaten me, beat me, spit on me, but know that ‘a capa that you should open, is’ a toja! And if you really can’t, at least open ‘o core! Having said that, what I was unable to tell you last night is that this is a war, I’m sorry for you, you are destined to lose it. This conflict is much closer than what you and your priest think. It will take time, but when we win the world will have changed, and those like you, your God, your church, your institutions and political parties will be gone forever. Word ‘and nu ricchione! ».

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