Dacia has built a reference laboratory on wheels

Dacia has built a reference laboratory on wheels

A unique electric car based on the most advanced technologies and non-standard solutions in the design.

The Romanian company Dacia presented a unique concept car Manifesto, which can boast of non-standard layout solutions and advanced technologies. Strictly speaking, the automaker has created the perfect posh-shlyahovik on bezpotryany wheels for lovers of active repair.

Under the hour of the design of the electric car, the retailers added one simple rule – day with nature. For the same reason, the Dacia Manifesto does not have a window, a door, or a windshield. And the role of the rear doors is victorious. And the main feature of the electric car is the YouClip modular system, which allows you to attach accessories to any surface of the car. From the other side, you can also add signs to the headlights on the front part, so that you can make them stand out like a hand light.

Dacia built a reference lab on wheels

In addition, the interior is completely waterproof. Yogo can be miti literally from a hose. At the same time, wine is entirely environmentally friendly. For example, the front panel is made from cork, and the other components are made from recycled plastic. But still not all. The retailers implemented a unique modular cabin at Manifesto, which can be used to carry the weights of the various trunks and the dimensions of the curtains on special beams, and the seat cover can be easily transformed into a sleeping bag.

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Dacia has expanded the right lab on wheels

For some reason, it's impossible to say that the Dacia Manifesto is an archaic electric car. There is a virtual panel of accessories, a multi-wheel with touch buttons, and your smartphone can play the role of a multimedia system – just put it on a special stand in the center and connect it to the car.

The power plant is not yet open. Vіdomo only those who won't be electric and povnoprivіdna. The capacity of the battery can also run out of power. At Dacia, it was said that it would be light, and it was possible to heal the electric stove, as if you were choosing to cook in nature.