Czech football has record representation in UEFA committees

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Czech football has record representation in UEFA commissions

Illustration photo – Chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Petr Fousek.

Prague – Czech football has a record number of representatives in UEFA bodies. It has members in eleven expert commissions of the Union of European Football Associations and five panels, and former goalkeeper Petr Čech also serves on the football council. FAČR informed about this at a press conference after the meeting of the executive committee.

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“There are a lot of Czech representatives in UEFA. I think it is a picture of some kind of diplomatic effort that we made following my election to the UEFA executive committee,” said FAČR chairman Petr Fousek.

The maximum so far was six representatives in individual committees, now the number has almost doubled. “For a union the size of the Czech Republic, the representation is very solid. Not only structurally, but also by name, there are a number of new representatives. It is a mandate for four years, i.e. until 2027. Of course, some changes can be made over time,” he noted head of FAČR.

Fousek, who was elected to the UEFA executive committee at the beginning of April, will serve on two committees. He will be chairman of the commission for stadiums and security and vice-chairman of the futsal commission.

FAČR general secretary Michal Valtr will be a member of the commission for national team competitions, former representative Vladimír Šmicer a member of the football commission, Dagmar Damková a member of the referees' commission, Rudolf Řepka a member of the disciplinary committee committee, Zdeněk Psotka a member of the committee for development and technical support, Stanislav Rýznar a member of the licensing committee, Michal Šembera a member of the marketing committee, Jiří Vrba a member of the media committee and Markéta Haindlová a member of the committee for fair play and social responsibility.

Recent boss commission of FAČR judges Radek Příhoda will act as a member of the panel for the convention of referees, Otakar Mestek in the grassroots panel, Martin Vlk in the Jira panel, Martin Procházka in the panel of disciplinary inspectors and Jakub Schoř in the panel of security managers. The former head of the FAČR referees commission Damková, Haindlová, Vrba and Čech in the advisory body of the football council, which was established at the end of April, were not nominated by the FAČR.