Cybersecurity: how cybersecurity is practiced by the Bundeswehr

Cybersecurity: how cybersecurity is practiced by the Bundeswehr

Cyber ​​Security: How the Cyber ​​Security Bundeswehr Practices

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Cyber ​​Operations Center for the Bundeswehr near Reinbach

The war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has once again demonstrated that today the battlefield is being destroyed by cyberspace. Міністр оборони ФРН днями відвідала кібервійська Бундесверу, щоб на власні очі побачити, як вони працюють.

Розповідь про Центр кібероперацій Бундесверуна півдні невеликого містечка Райнбах, що неподалік від західнонімецького Бонна, можна було б почати з ідилічних описів навколишньої природи . To get a lieutenant under the summer sun near the park, resting-places are roaming. However, the dark service limousines and the large number of TV cameras suddenly turn to serious reality – to the Cyber ​​Operations Center of the Bundeswehr under the Russian abbreviation ZCO the head of the Ministry of Defense of Nimechchini Kristin Lambrecht.

Calls of life and #8217; Ale in the middle of the Center for Cyber ​​Operations, battlefields near the cyberspace – Viysk is training to hack the computer’thernimerezі, bypassing access to confidential information, manipulating data in the interests of their own power, or navigating through the keys of a third-party computer’thernimerezі. Call such diyalnіst classify as “hacker vtruchannya”, which is punishable by law as a criminal mischief. But whoever wants to talk about the activity sanctioned by the power.

Hackery Bundeswehr “instructional education, motivated and creative”

FRN Minister of Defense Lambrechtpid the hour of his visit called “bersoldiers”good hackers”: in the first place, they stink for the sake of goodness, but in another way, they stink “in preparation, highly motivated and even more creative”.

< p>Cyber ​​Security: How the Cyber ​​Security Bundeswehr Works

Working place of a military hacker

Nearly 200 specialists, who work at Reinbach, are joking around the enemy’s weak computer systems, or else they are trying to reveal and usunut gaps in the IT infrastructure of the Bundeswehr itself. There are only three women among the local cyberwarriors, so we can say that the stereotype about the “comp’nerd-nerd” in the eyepieces it is confirmed here.

ZCO is a part of the command created in 2017 & # 8220; at the structure of the Bundeswehr. Nearly two dozens of the middle roaming all over the country, most – around Bonn. Here, the Bundeswehr's IT-branches were stashed and the current military defense was taken care of.

Cyber ​​attacks: fencing operations with great legacy

Even before the Russian attack on Ukrainepolitics in Berlin, cyber security was given great respect, even if the current intertwining of the real and digital world allows cybercriminals to attack the great shkodi with seemingly small zusillas – for example, in the areas of electricity or water supply, safety benefits or control of road traffic. Three rulers in the German Party, in their own coalition, ordered us to improve the training of the Bundeswehr in the field of cybersecurity.

Cyber ​​Security: How the Cyber ​​Security Bundeswehr Works

FRN Minister of Defense Kristin Lambrecht ta Vice-Admiral of the Bundeswehr Thomas Daum

War in Ukraine has only increased the relevance of the call for concern about threats of cyberattacks against Russia. In praised on the cob of the earth, the law on a special fund for the Bundeswehr in the world of 100 billion euros also goes about the order”strategy for strengthening security in the cyberspace”.

In total, close to 20 billion euros from a special fund is planned to be used to extend the coming years to improve management skills and digitalization in various areas of defense forces. Cyberviyskam get away with only a part of these cats. Adzhe perelіk planned vitrates majestic – purchase of digital radio receivers with encryption functions to the modernization of combat control systems, satellite information systems and the development of a number of data processing centers.

Allowed for hacking

Too bad, hackers on the road are indecent. “We don't need 60 tons of steel like for tanks”, – explain on the minds of anonymity spivrobitnik ZCO. In fact, the security of the digital world is affected by the fact that cyber-malware, sometimes with only a simple laptop on hand, can block the robot of the doctor or the government administration with hacker operations, abi, for example, vimagati a forfeit for stealing data.

IT fahivtsі – expensive specialties, but it’s also important. On the eve of her visit, Minister Lambrecht especially advertised the Bundeswehr as an attractive robot seller. Here, one should pay a daily wage for the first hour of training, the possibility of a career growth, and social security. Ale cyberwars in Reinbach, it seems, are motivated by others, but – the excitement of using cyberspace. One of the officers seems to say: “Here I am allowed to work in the name of the state, for which in my private life I would have already called law enforcement agencies”.

The legendary agent 007 James Bondmaє allowed for hacking (License to Kill), and the Cyberwehr Bundwehr may have allowed for hacking. But only in the wake of sanctioned operations, even if it’s a diya, scho vymagaє invading in foreign lands, may be first praised by the ministry of defense, hiring a secretary of state as an equal. How often do you try? This information is taken from the cyberweeks from the secrets.

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