CUT announced that it will attend the demonstrations called by Gustavo Bolívar in support of the Petro Government

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The marches will take place this November 15 in the main cities of the country, starting at 9 in the morning

CUT announced that it will go out to the demonstrations called by Gustavo Bolívar in support of the Petro Government

Reference image: The CUT announces that this November 15 will go out to the streets in favor of the national government EFE/Carlos Ortega

A month ago, the senator of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolívar, invited his followers and voters to take to the streets this November 15 to express their full support for the government of Gustavo Petro, after completing 100 days in power. The politician assured that the idea arose from “the lies of the opposition” on different issues. A month after the announcement, the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia, CUT announced that it will join the call of the leftist representative.

“The lies of the opposition, the story they build about the economic crisis (which they themselves created) and the attack on the reforms that we promote and that will transform Colombia, are distorted with crowds in all the squares of Colombia, the #15Nov #Petro100días RT if they add up”, he wrote on his official Twitter account on October 16.

Now with one day to go before the meeting, the CUT came out at the head of its president, Francisco Maltés, to mention that it will be present at the protests that will take place on November 15 so that the opposition sectors realize that the proposals and reforms represented by the current administration are being supported by different sectors.

The CUT has institutionally decided to support President Petro's policies of change. In that order of ideas, we are calling for a peaceful mobilization for tomorrow in all capital cities starting at 9:00 in the morning,” Maltés told Blu Radio.

Even one of the arguments to defend the current government is that the tax reform is contrary to what the opponents have said and will only touch the pockets of those who have the most in the country, a policy that they consider a significant advance.

“We believe that what is being done by the Government, particularly the issue of tax reform, is not going to affect the poor or the middle class, they are going to pay taxes the most have. Next year the social debt that exists in Colombia with the poorest will begin to be paid off”, added the union leader.

In contrast, the sectors that are in Against the ideas and proposals that the alternative sector is promoting, they called for new marches for November 17, 18 and 19, whose purpose is to show their discontent with the tax reform.

“To all citizen forces, youth, students, businessmen and their collaborators, housewives, health professionals, unions, residents abroad, pensioners, transporters, taxi drivers, bikers, shopkeepers, informal workers, industrialists, ranchers, farmers , environmentalists, religious, peasants, merchants, reservists, from the coal union, from the textile union, to all citizens, to participate in our peaceful protest actions”, reads the text sent by an organization called ' National Table for Freedom'.

One ​​of the organizers of the march, Andrés Rodríguez, a Medellín businessman and spokesman for the recall against Mayor Daniel Quintero, wrote in his Twitter account:

“We have to take action and take the regional protest to the capital. Either the reforms fall, or we will continue to set the protests until we go to a national strike. Next step, the #GranTomaDeBogota from #17Nov to #19Nov.”

The National Roundtable for Freedom, which defines itself as a “citizen alliance of Colombian Organizations in opposition to socialism,” set out a timetable for the demonstration. “Caravans for Freedom: Within the local and private teams, groups will be forming to leave by road in cars or buses and according to the travel time of each city, the time and day of departure will be coordinated,” the statement said.