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rN nw Cultural return | Survival scenes - The Times Hub

Cultural return | Survival scenes

Cultural return |  Survival scenes

Despite the pandemic, many artists are working tirelessly on various projects in theater and dance that will see the light of day, in one form or another, by next summer. While waiting impatiently for the reopening of the rooms, here are some suggestions for surviving the winter.

Robert Lepage and Yves Jacques share the stage

Since the creation of his solo The dark side of the moon, in 2000, the playwright, director and actor Robert Lepage sometimes gave way to Yves Jacques to embody the multiple characters inhabiting his universe. For the first time, the two actors will be brought together on stage to perform this text during a live recording broadcast on Télé-Québec. The broadcast is scheduled for February 6. Rooms The Hardings, Alexia Bürger, and The origin of my species, by Michel Rivard, will also be presented on Télé-Québec in February and March. (Stéphanie Morin)

Émilie Monnet and Mani Soleymanlou in podcast

After having adapted several plays this fall, the Scène nationale du son arrives with three new podcast projects for the first half of 2021. In March, author Antoine Charbonneau-Demers will present a new text, Letters to grandmother. In April, it’s the play Okinum, by Émilie Monnet, who will be adapted. Each episode will be accompanied by interviews with people who inspired the playwright. And in May, Mani Soleymanlou will add another stone to his work dealing with identity with Probably eleven, brand new text created especially for this audio medium. (Stéphanie Morin)

Of the theater where you are the hero

In March, the three founders of the Théâtre du Futur – Olivier Morin, Guillaume Tremblay and Navet Confit – will offer The wrath of the meek, theatrical experience halfway between podcast, art film and animated film. Presented in the form of an interactive map, this creation will be made up of numerous capsules that will lead us to a post-revolution Quebec. With the price of bananas soaring, a civil war broke out. Quebeckers then meet in clans, with those who think like them. It is up to the spectators to decide which clans they wish to visit… On the site of the Théâtre Aux Écuries. (Stéphanie Morin)

Labs at Duceppe

Winter at Duceppe’s will be under the sign of creation laboratories and recordings. It starts with The Nicolas Rioux case, from La Fratrie, which will be webcast for a limited time starting January 29. Then comes an adaptation by Sébastien Tessier of the comic strip Whitehorse, by Samuel Cantin, by the production company of Couronne Nord (which is behind the success Netflix Until the decline). The webcast is scheduled for March 8. Love is a dumpling, by Nathalie Doummar and Mathieu Quesnel, was due to return to the cinema at the end of February. However, if the confinement continues, the recording of the piece by Stéphane Lapointe (Miscellaneous, Let go) swill be broadcast on video on demand around March 15th. Other creative labs will take place this winter. Duceppe will specify later in what form and when they will be presented. (Luc Boulanger)

Three little tours at the TNM

Lorraine Pintal will lead a theatrical exploration with actor Éric Robidoux in the lead role, The novel by Monsieur Molière. The Creative Lab webcast will be live from February 19 to March 7. Will follow Abraham Lincoln goes to the theater-laboratory, text from Larry Tremblay, directed by Catherine Vidal, webcast from 1er to April 18. Then, from May 21 to June 6, The dreamer in his bath, creation by Hugo Bélanger inspired by the magic of the filmmaker and illusionist Georges Méliès and the conjurer Robert-Houdin. These two productions should also be played indoors if the health authorities allow it by then. (Luc Boulanger)

Fairfly at La Licorne

The Théâtre de la Manufacture announced that its production of Fairfly, a piece by Joan Yago García recorded in November, with the excellent performers Sonia Cordeau, Simon Lacroix, Raphaëlle Lalande and Mikhaïl Ahooja, is available for viewing until February 28. Let us underline the work of the director Julien Hurteau who knew how to transmit the emotions of the performers in his recording. (Luc Boulanger)

School webcast

The Denise-Pelletier Theater has launched a new webcast of plays intended for schools, “in order to maintain its link with the student public during the pandemic”. This winter, they will be able to watch three successful shows in the company’s repertoire: The orange grove, by Larry Tremblay, under the direction of Claude Poissant; The best of worlds, by Guillaume Corbeil, based on the work of Aldous Huxley, and Lovers, comedy by Goldoni, nicely directed by Catherine Vidal. The recordings are offered to all schools, until June 2021. (Luc Boulanger)

Free readings

Faced with the impossibility of presenting the public readings planned for this winter in the theater, the La Bordée theater has decided to offer four of them on its website, completely free of charge. Each piece will go live on Saturday at 5 p.m. and will remain accessible for 24 hours. It will therefore be possible to hear Art, by Yasmina Reza (January 23), The perimeter, by Frédéric Blanchette (January 30), The Valladolid controversy, by Jean-Claude Carrière (February 6) and Women’s peace, new text signed Véronique Côté (February 13). Michel Nadeau, Mélissa Bouchard, Olivier Lépine and Véronique Côté will take care of the different readings. (Stéphanie Morin)

Crystal Pite and the Opéra national de Paris

Danse Danse had to resolve to cancel the entire 2020-2021 season. But the presenter remains active, in particular by offering residences at Place des Arts to local companies on the dates when performances were scheduled. From February 17 to 23, it will also be possible to watch a webcast of the work of the highly regarded Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite as guest choreographer of the Opéra national de Paris, with the show Body and Soul. Exploring the theme of duality, this creation leads the 36 performers to go beyond their limits in an incessant flow of movements which calls in particular into question the place of the individual in the collective. The film is preceded by a 15-minute interview with the choreographer whose company Kidd Pivot is based in Vancouver. (Iris Gagnon-Paradis)

Tangent in your living room

In 2021, Tangente was to celebrate in big its 40e anniversary, but the pandemic thwarted the plans of the broadcaster whose mission is to introduce emerging choreographers. After postponing the entire 2020 season, Tangente’s general manager, Stéphane Labbé, has decided to reschedule part of last season in webcast. “We want to give the canceled shows a chance to be presented, the artists have worked so hard! », Explains the man who now thinks of reaching an audience outside major centers and even internationally thanks to the web. For the moment, two shows are on the menu: a double poster with the artists Charo Foo Tai Wei and Winnie Ho, in collaboration with the Festival Accès Asie and CanAsian Dance (presented live this Saturday at 5 p.m., and as part of the 25 on January 31), and the multidisciplinary piece Fruit time, by Marilyn Daoust and Gabriel Léger-Savard (from February 13 to 21). (Iris Gagnon-Paradis)

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