Cryptocurrency EOS has grown by 10%

Cryptocurrency EOS has grown by 10%

Cryptocurrency EOS has grown by 10%

EOS was trading at $ 2.8038 at 18:34 (15:34 GMT) on the Index on Tuesday, up 10.25% on the day. This was the sharpest daily rise in cryptocurrency since October 6.

This growth pushed EOS's market cap to $ 2.5612B, 0.75% of the market cap of all cryptocurrencies. Earlier at its peak, EOS had a capitalization of $ 17.5290B.

Over the past 24 hours, EOS has traded in a range of $ 2.4866 to $ 2.8073.

Over the past seven days, EOS has seen a rise in value, as it gained 22.5%. EOS volume in the last 24 hours was $ 2.3494B or 2.36% of the total cryptocurrency volume. It has traded in a range of $ 2.4215 to $ 2.8073 in the past seven days.

Currently, EOS is still below 87.80% of its $ 22.98 peak on April 29, 2018.

Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin was trading at $ 10.699.2 on the Index, down 0.25% on the day.

Ethereum traded at $ 347.94 on the Index, down 1.44%.

Bitcoin's market cap was previously $ 197.7988B or 58.28% of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies, while Ethereum's market cap was $ 39.2258B or 11.56% of the total cryptocurrency market.

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