Crocs global celebrity party took place on Tel Aviv beach

Crocs global celebrity party took place on Tel Aviv beach

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 Crocs global celebrity party took place on Tel Aviv beach

At Loullie art space on Tel Aviv's Gordon Beach hosted a mega-party with the participation of stars and the company's international management. All the invitees came to the party in Crocs shoes, but among the hundreds of guests there was not a single identical pair – everyone made their crocs special with bright charms. The entire space was decorated in the style of Crocs – even flowers were placed in croc vases, and guests were photographed against a wall of colorful clogs.

 Crocs global celebrity party took place on Tel Aviv beach

actor Ofir Shekhter, TV presenter and singer Shahar Tavoh, top model Tahunia Rubel, ex-beauty queen Elena Ralph, restaurateur Tom Aviv, rapper Shahar Seol were seen at the party. Many opinion leaders, well-known bloggers and journalists have been here.

 Crocs global celebrity party took place on Tel Aviv beach

The party was attended by executives of the – Dmitry Pusters, European Commercial Director, and Mia Schaumloffel – Head European Merchandising Manager.

 Crocs Global Star Party is over on the Tel Aviv beach

Dmitry was able to answer a couple of questions from our journalist –

How did you manage to survive the difficult times of the pandemic (corona)? You know, this was a difficult time for many businesses.

– The pandemic period has become very successful for our brand. What happened during the coronavirus: people stayed at home and looked for comfort. In this regard, people “came” to online shopping. For us, this marked a big breakthrough in sales. People were looking for affordable brands like ours, looking for comfort…

Coronavirus, despite being a problem for most, has not had a negative impact on us and even helped to sell more shoes. In addition, during the corona crisis, as a brand, we decided to support society, so we donated many products to medical professionals in the United States. Our partners in Israel did the same. So, we got out of the crisis in a very good way.

– Is there a difference between Israeli and European clients? Is there something unique about Israeli consumers?

– Our clients are different everywhere, each has its own characteristics. About Israel, I can say that our partners brought the Crocs brand to Israel at the very beginning of its existence, so we already have a large base of people who know and love us, and are happy to follow the news. Customers don't vary as much, but here in Israel they are more progressive than other buyers in the world. Israelis are open minded and receptive to brands like Crocs.

– Can you share your success story? Are your company's profits growing from year to year by tens of percent?

– The secret of our success? The beginning of our success was in the decision of the company to make shoes for everyone, with absolutely unique designs, and to lay this rule in the DNA of the company for the future. The mission of our brand is to make people feel comfortable in shoes.

We are very inclusive, we want to be a shoe brand for everyone. By focusing on being a brand for everyone and making campaigns based on that, we have grown again. We are a unique brand, we offer a silhouette that has not been seen before. So people will recognize our unique DNA.

 Global Star Party Crocs was held on the beach in Tel Aviv

– How do you see the development of the brand in the future? Will you remain a footwear brand or will you expand in the market?

– Now we are focused on shoes. Outside of this market, we are trying to diversify and offer footwear related products. The heart (filling) of our organization is personalization – what we call jibbits (charm pendants) – unique decorations that make shoes exactly yours. And we are investing a lot in this product and trying to bring new products slowly. We're launching Crocs socks in 2023, but our focus remains on shoes.

There was something to celebrate at the party – the other day the company again reported record profits. Crocs' 2021 revenue was $2.3 billion, up 67% from a year earlier. Recent years have been very difficult for the entire global economy, but the love and trust of customers for the Crocs brand has allowed it to show the best growth and profitability in its class. In 2021, the brand has sold more than 100 million pairs of shoes worldwide, and Jibbitz clogs, sandals and charms are still the company's main products.

In 2022, profit growth and new records are expected again. It is important that in recent years the brand's famous shoes have become vegan: they are created with great care for our planet. The guests of the party became great models, presenting a summer collection of crocs with new silhouettes and colors of the famous clogs, slides, flip flops, sandals, sandals, clogs and sneakers.

 Crocs Global Star Party Held on Tel Aviv Beach

All these shoes went well with delicate light dresses of any length, as well as with relaxed shorts, brutal overalls or luxurious evening bows. Massive clogs on the platform, decorated with bright charms, looked spectacular, slides on the platform and without were also in favor with the guests, sandals on high wedges were seen on many fashionistas, and closed clogs became a popular men's choice. Crocs expresses its philosophy in the form of charms, and in the new collection there are many pacific charms, hearts, flowers, yin-yang, rainbow curves and other symbols of peace and friendliness – all of which we saw on the shoes of the party guests.

 Crocs global celebrity party took place on Tel Aviv beach

The difference between Crocs and other trendy brands is that these shoes are also extremely comfortable, suitable for metropolitan streets, quiet secluded apartments, and noisy fashion events. Everywhere crocs look appropriate, everywhere you feel comfortable and cozy in them, like at home, even at the most fashionable and noisy party of the year.

You can find the entire collection of crocs at the official representative of Crocs in Israel WeShoes – online store The network offers fashionable shoes at pleasant discounts. WeShoes also has over 60 branches across the country.

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