Criticism on social networks of Bad Bunny for confusing Bogotá with Venezuela

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The singer who performed last Sunday in the country's capital had a geographic lapse that led him to become a trend on digital platforms

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Criticism on social networks of Bad Bunny for confusing Bogota with Venezuela

Bad Bunny almost confused a fan from Bogota with Venezuela.

Despite the excesses that occurred on Sunday night outside the Nemesio Camacho 'El Campín' Stadium, during the presentation of Bad Bunny in Bogotá, inside the vibe was completely different. The attendees chanted the best hits by the Puerto Rican who, despite being tired from his two previous performances in Medellín, tried to leave everything on stage.

The Puerto Rican who has filled the main stages in Latin America drew attention this weekend during his presentation in the country's capital when a brief geographical lapse was recorded on video and one of his followers replied through a TikTok account, so the criticism was not long in coming.

And it is that the detail that the followers of San Benito in social networks, since while dedicating some emotional words to those attending his concert, which almost cost him a boo for confusing the people of Bogotá with Venezuelans.

It is with great pride that I represent my island, Puerto Rico, throughout the world, and all Latinos, and that includes my people from Vene… From Bogotá, Colombia“, however, despite the fact that the silence was evident both on his part and on the part of the public, the truth is that the interpreter of Me porto bonito he was applauded by the attendees and proceeded to thank them for their presence at his concert.

It happened during the artist's presentation at the El Campín Stadium in Bogotá

The comments on social networks did not take long to appear , as those attending the concert and Internet users who replicated the embarrassing moment for El Conejo Malo in Colombia, did not hesitate to show their discomfort: “Bad Bunny almost says Venezuela to Bogotá and the people offended”; “Bad Bunny's lights went out in Bogotá”; “if the baby teacher named us the Great Colombia, then we are the Great Colombia”; “I don't blame him, I live in Bogotá and sometimes I get confused too”, among others.

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It should be noted that the event was attended by several celebrities between the two cities in which he performed in Colombia, as Luisa Fernanda W, Lina Tejeiro, Greeicy Rendón, Lincoln Palomeque and Carolina Cruz shared on their social networks that they were quite close to Benito during their concerts in Medellín and Bogotá.

Criticism on social networks of Bad Bunny for confusing Bogota with Venezuela

Carolina Cruz did not save anything and was carried away by the good impression that Bad Bunny caused her in concert in Medellín. Taken from Instagram @carolinacruzosorio

Excesses in Bogotá during Bad Bunny concert

In the surroundings of the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium, some excesses were reported after < b> Dozens of people will try to sneak into that sports arena during the Bad Bunny concert on the night of Sunday, November 20.

Several videos went viral on social networks in which these people are seen tearing down the security fence and then running in, to later try to force their way into the compound.

However, as reported by the Bogotá Metropolitan Police (MEBOG), they were people who did not have their respective ticket, but the authorities managed to control the situation.

“The Bad Bunny's concert service was led by all entities of the District, especially by the National Police. At the time all the people entered, unfortunately there were some who did not have the means to enter their respective ticket and tried to enter irregularly from the western part”, reported Colonel Jader Llerena, Head of the MEBOG Service .

And although there was a great disorder in those moments, and despite the struggle, no one was injured in the shameful action.