Criticism of the entity intensified, with the refusal to make the Women's League in the background. 

The Colombian Women's National Team makes the transition from the celebration for qualifying to the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand 2023, to the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023 and the 2024 Paris Olympics to the preparation for the final of the women's Copa América, in which they expect a rival, Brazil or Paraguay.

Meanwhile, in the stands of the Alfonso López stadium, around the stage and on all social networks, many fans are still celebrating that the team has achieved the first objectives that were set for this tournament.

DT from Colombia launches a strong message for the Colombian women's league, the World Cup, the Olympics, the final and one step away from the Colombian Women's National Team title: the spoils of prizes that have already been secured

However, it was not all joy. While the team responds on the field and shows hierarchy to qualify for the orbital tournaments, the local Women's League will not be played in the second semester, by decision of the Dimayor club assembly.

Why there will be no Women's League in the second semester

The entity's president, Fernando Jaramillo, announced that there would be a tournament in the second half of the year, but several of the clubs that participated in the championship that America won described the measure as improvised and decided not to play. only four teams remained firm: the champion, Deportivo Cali, Cortuluá and Millonarios.

In the stadiums where the Cup has been played, several fans displayed banners calling for a worthy Women's League.

Despite everything, Dimayor published a message on her social networks congratulating the Colombian National Team for qualifying. And as soon as they did, the criticism rained down.

The outrage over the congratulations from Dimayor

The reactions of the followers on social networks were divided between indignation and mockery, taking into account that, for example, Cali and América, the two representatives of Colombia in the women's Copa Libertadores, will arrive at the tournament with four months without official competition. :

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