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Almost 18 years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo embarked on his fantastic adventure in the Champions League, precisely with the Manchester United. Matches, assists, goals, titles and much more happened so that the Portuguese dreams are consummated. His great stories caused him, inevitably, to become the king of the competition. And now you will add a new chapter to your legend.

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The nickname “Mister Champions” he earned it hard and no one deserves it more than him. Cristiano He has always found a perfect refuge in the European competition to be able to shine at the best possible level, to which he has accustomed us for many years.

His history in the tournament began with the ‘Red Devils’ and probably ends with them as well. But still, with 36 years over, the end is what is least discussed. There will be a new beginning and it has much more to say.

– A record man –

Cristiano Ronaldo always try to be the first in all possible statistics. There is no record that the ‘Commander’ does not point to. It is in the Champions League where he has been most successful. And it goes for more.

CR7 is the top scorer in the history of the tournament with a total of 134 goals. In each team he played he always left his mark: he scored 15 goals with him Manchester United, 105 with Real Madrid and 14 with Juventus.

Like little, the Portuguese is also the maximum assistant of the Champions with 42 goal passes. He prevails over 36 assists from Lionel Messi, 32 from Ángel Di María, 31 Ryan Giggs, among others.

Cristiano Ronaldo goes for a new record in the Champions League: the record that confirms him as Mister Champions |  Manchester United |  Statistics |  NCZD DTCC |  SPORT-TOTAL

Cristiano Ronaldo returned with all his category to Manchester United scoring two goals in his debut against Newcastle United. The last time the Portuguese star scored for the ‘Red Devils’ was in May 2009 against Manchester City. (Source: América TV)

This Tuesday he will equal a new record. The match between Manchester United vs. Young Boys for Group F of the Champions League 2021/22 will be number 177 of Cristiano and will reach Iker Casillas as the soccer player with the most appearances in the history of the tournament.

In addition, to play more than 7 complete matches -that is, advance to the round of 16-, Cristiano It will also be done with the record of being the player with the most minutes in the tournament. Casillas adds 16,267 and is followed by the Portuguese with 15,578, only 689 minutes less.

That the Portuguese crack surpasses that record is imminent. He has many games ahead of him in the contest, so he will be number one in yet another statistic. Meanwhile, his ambition doesn’t stop there.

Players with the most matchesPresencesEquipment
1. Iker Casillas177Real Madrid [150], Porto [27]
2. Cristiano Ronaldo176Manchester United [52], Real Madrid [101], Juventus [23]
3. Xavi Hernández151FC Barcelona
4. Lionel Messi149FC Barcelona
5. Raúl González142Real Madrid [130], FC Schalke 04 [12]
6. Ryan Giggs141Manchester United
7. Karim Benzema130Lyon olympic [19], Real Madrid [111]
8. Andrés Iniesta130FC Barcelona
9. Sergio Ramos129Real Madrid
10. Clarence Seedorf125Ajax [11], Real Madrid [25], AC Milan [89]

– He is going for his sixth Champions League –

Many will remember when Cristiano Ronaldo He made a controversial gesture with his right hand that transcended the world. “I have five Champions, Atleti zero”he exclaimed. Criticism rained down. The rest is history. Now, the Portuguese star wants the fingers of his hand not to reach him: he is going to hunt for his sixth Champions League.

The first glorious moment that Cristiano lived in the contest took place in 2008. He was the top scorer of the tournament and raised his first ‘Orejona’ with Manchester United. Since then, the ‘Red Devils’ have not won the tournament title again, but the Portuguese have.

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CR7 won four Champions League more with Real Madrid. Although his main objective with Juventus was to continue to be crowned in the tournament, he could not do it and kept his five titles. Now, he has a new opportunity to extend his record with Manchester United.

With a team that generates a lot of expectation, Cristiano Ronaldo He will fight to conquer his sixth ‘Orejona’, although it will not be easy at all. If he succeeds, he will equal the record of Paco Gento, the only player in history with six titles.

Other records of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League:

  • Top scorer in a Champions League season: 17 (2013/14)
  • Most goals in Champions League playoffs: 67
  • Most Champions League finals won: 5
  • Only player to have scored in three Champions League finals
  • Only player to score in all six Champions League group stage games
  • Only player to score in eleven consecutive Champions League games
  • Only player to score ten goals against the same club in the Champions League (against Juventus)


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