Crisis in Bolivia: the department of Potosí joined the strike in Santa Cruz

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He began a 48-hour strike and, in this way, adhered to the ultimatum given by the civic leaders of the region, which is the economic engine of the country

Crisis in Bolivia: the department of Potosí joined the strike in Santa Cruz

People protest the date of the census in Santa Cruz (EFE/Juan Carlos Torrejón/Archivo)

The Bolivian department of Potosí started this Monday a 48 hour stoppageand thus adhered to the ultimatum given by the civic leaders of Santa Cruz, the country's economic engine, for other regions to join the claim of that region that maintains a 24-day strike.< /p>

In statements to the media, the president of the Potosinista Civic Committee, Roxana Graz, said that the protest is in “solidarity with Santa Cruz” but that other petitions are also claimed, such as an Evaporitic Resources Law and the preservation of the heritage Cerro Rico de Potosí.

The Bolivian Police reported this day about 16 blockade points in Potosí in which no incidents or confrontations have been reported.

On the eve, a massive The council in Santa Cruz proposed to the Government to raise to the rank of law the decree that set March 23, 2024 as the date for carrying out the population census, something that must be carried out within 72 hours, although the original demand was that the registration be carried out in 2023.

Added to these demands is the release of around 17 detainees in the acts of violence in recent days. They also gave 72 hours for other Bolivian departments to adhere to their claim and the formation of a constitutional commission to “review Santa Cruz's relationship with the Bolivian State”.

In return, the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade) lifted on Monday the hunger strike that some of its members maintained for a few days in support of the request for a census in 2023.

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Blocked streets in Santa Cruz (EFE/Archivo)

Also the three parliamentarians from the opposition Citizen Community(CC) who opted for the same demonstration lifted their fast to “prepare and manage together with the opposition benches a bill that guarantees the economic and electoral application of the census data”, said the deputy María José Salazar.

The Mayor of La Paz, the opposition Iván Arias, in relation to the ultimatum of the civic leaders of Santa Cruz, stated that “it cannot be imposed” and that the appropriate thing is to “request” or “ask for adhesion” in addition to remembering that this municipality was “the first” to request the census in 2023.

The decision of the municipality of La Paz depends on an analysis of the Paceñidad Assembly.

In turn, he also opponent Manfred Reyes Villa, mayor of the central opposition city, agreed with the request that the comprehensive results of the census be applied in 2025, the year in which the presidential elections are scheduled, although he avoided commenting on the support demanded by Santa Cruz.

However, this Monday night a small group of activists from citizen platforms started some blockades in some streets of Cochabamba under the premise of “supporting Santa Cruz”.

Meanwhile, regional leaders from other departments did not speak out on the required point.

Santa Cruz leads the protests for the census in 2023, however, that region was not opposed to the new date assigned by the Government in a presidential decree for on March 23, 2024.

For that year, the new distribution of fiscal resources to the regions is also committed according to the census results, while the new allocation of seats will depend on the Electoral Body, said the Executive of President Luis Arce.

(With information from EFE)

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